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The Siege Machinery of Reign of Kings
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This page is where strategies, guides and other helpful information will be contained for siege warfare or otherwise successful raiding strategies.

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Check out this well-done video tutorial on usage of the Trebuchet siege weapon:

Author: Mackenzie

When it comes to raiding bases try to find the weakest part of a wall. If there are two different tiers of blocks used you should try to go for the weaker one. You might need to bombard it with a treb with 2-3 shots but you can easily get it done if you have say 20 shots

Anothe more traditional way to siege a castle but more probably the kings wall is to cut them off from the rest of the realm. This can be achieved by building a simple wood or log wall around the castle or at the base of the kings bridge. You will need to have active guards and a fully enclosed bed area but you can eventually wear them so thin they surrender. They might run out of food from hiding behind the wall or they might try to repel you and loose their gear in the process.

The 3rd quickest way to raid a castle is to use a balista to open a 1x1 hole in the defensive structure that a smaller person can fit through. Once inside the person can find the crest destroy it with the balista then replace it with their own therefore claiming it as their own meaning it can be destroyed or pulled apart easily to give their friends access to lot and pillage.

The 4th and final way to raid a castle i to get an admin to admin abuse.

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