Plague Villager

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Name Plague Villager
Aggression Hostile
HP 100
Strength High

A Plague Villager is an undead anomaly that has an appetite for blood. They seem to have enough intelligence to stop chasing the player when their HP is low enough. They drop by far the largest variety of items possible from a single creature ranging from just about every weapon and Armour that exists in the game. Doesn't stop there, they also drop rare resources. They are found roaming near the gates of Plague Town where they were once believed to be town guards that were overcome by a mysterious plague that has engulfed the entire area in damaging plague radiation. They will chase you at a very fast speed at first, but once they are close they get stuck in slowish movement until either you or it dies, or you flee from the creature.

Item Drops
[edit | edit source]

Item Drop Rate
Tears Of The Gods 40%
Nothing! 35%
Diamond 20%
Wood & Stone
Note: 'Equipment' means everything is possible that is a weapon or piece of armour of that material.

Combat Strategies
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  • The best strategy is to not hunt them alone. Attack them in groups, or tag-team them by having one player kite and distract it while the other attacks it.
  • Trying to hunt these by yourself using melee weapons is very dangerous. They don't have any special powers or deal any special damage, but they attack powerfully and swiftly. Long reach weapons have a chance to consistently slay these creatures without you taking any damage if you are skilled enough.
  • They stop pursuing the player when their HP is less than or equal to 10. They will not flee, but they will stop chasing you.
  • The recommended way to hunt them is using Javelins. The most effective Javelin for low cost is Stone Javelin, but if you're rich you might as well make Iron Javelins since Steel variants are such a waste for only three javelins and only deals 1 more point of damage per hit. Stick with Stone or Iron. Whatever ranged method you choose, you should not start attacking it until you're at a good range and have time to either finish it before it reaches you, or kite it until it dies.
  • To view visual geographical locations of this creature or any other creature, check out the HD/SD world maps.

Game Version
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