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The Musical Instruments of Reign of Kings
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These consist of items that exist for the sole purpose of producing noise. Whether it be pleasant or not is purely based on opinion. Form a band, play as a soloist for a few pieces of wood and stone, maybe a chicken wing and you're all set for a night of fun times - with music!

Important Information
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Crafting & Stats
Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product HP Special
Bent Horn Bone 10 Iron 5 Time
1 second
Bent Horn - Plays a sound when used
Bone Horn Bone 10 Leather Hide 2 Time
1 second
Bone Horn - Plays a sound when used
Long Horn Wood 135 Flax 90 Time
1 second
Long Horn - Plays a sound when used
Djembe Drum Leather Hide 1 Flax 30 Wood 300 Work Bench Time
1 second
Djembe Drum 25 Placeable instrument
War Drum Leather Hide 2 Flax 20 Wood 400 Time
1 second
War Drum - Holdable, Playable instrument
Wooden Flute Wood 250 Work Bench Time
1 second
Wooden Flute - Holdable, Playable instrument

The interface while playing the Wooden Flute is unique:

Wooden Flute's GUI

Music Playing & Tips
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  • To begin playing the Wood Flute you simply click one time to pull up the circular note panel. Scrolling the mouse wheel will change the key style, which makes the buttons play different assortments of pitches for notes. C Major is the closest to actually being melodically accurate and you can play a decent variety of basic tunes by moving the mouse around the circular pane to hit the different buttons causing different sounds. You do not click the buttons, you only hover the dot over them.
  • To begin playing the Djembe Drum, you must first place it on the world as an object and then interact with it. You can use left-click for a quick tap and right-click for a full clap. Scrolling the mouse wheel will cause the pitch of the drum to raise or lower respectively. Due to synchronization issues, it is extremely difficult to play decent sounding tunes with this instrument.
  • To begin playing the War Drum, you must wield it like the flute, and then you can freely play using the left-click for left hand strokes and right-click for right hand strokes. Scrolling the mouse wheel will adjust the pitch accordingly. The synchronization issues are less noticeable with this drum, as compared to the Djembe Drum.
  • The horns cannot be played like a typical instrument. Instead you must hold left-click to blow into the horn and cause it to play its loud noise, usually as a notification of presence or war. The horn is not consumed after use.
  • Djembe drum is currently the only instrument that the player must place on the world before playing. The rest can be played as a wielded item.
  • Playing the flute is usually considered a peaceful action, but drums of war may leave lasting impressions that you may regret.
  • When playing the flute you can hold right click on a certain note to hold the note.

Game Version
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