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Structure[edit | edit source]

Guilds is an addition to the game Reign of Kings, the purpose of guilds is to enable the ability to invite friends and others into a faction, this allows players to easily identify allies from enemies when players are close as allies will always have their name shown when in close proximity to other guild members. This also prevents any unnecessary friendly casualties when caught in a skirmish or raid. The system encourages players to play with friends as Crests are essential for land expansion for the guild and only 1 crest can be placed by any player.

Recruiting[edit | edit source]

To invite players to join your guild, press 'E' or the action hotkey when close at the desired player and click invite to guild, if you are being invited to the guild press 'O' or your guild hotkey and on the top right of the new window, it should allow the option to join the guild.

Ranking[edit | edit source]

Members is the main title of freshly recruited guild members, acting as a lower ranking than the Family members, regular members have access to mostly the same privileges with their higher ranked ones, however they do not have access to specific areas if the passage is blocked by a 'Family' owned door which can be designated by any 'Family' member.

Family members are titles given to the most dedicated and trustworthy members of the guild, much like an inner sanctum, this title allows access to any guild structure that the guild currently possesses and more specifically the 'family' specified doors. The title can be used to lock doors to rooms only the most trustworthy can access. The title of 'Family' does not grant any other bonuses other than higher renown.

Land Conquering[edit | edit source]

Crests provide an unparalleled role in expanding your guild. Crests are used to secure your location and lock down the area so other players cannot build except for your guild members, crests take a considerable amount of time to lock down your land so forward planning of where your guild is going to be based at is advised. Once conquered, the land around the crest will be secured and you should see the guild's name and banner on the top right along with the 'Conquered' status. When building the area, there should be border lines around the crest or area, this acts as the end points of how much land your crest has conquered. The quality of the crest determines the amount of land conquered. You may only have one crest per guild member, thus recruiting is encouraged.

Notable Guilds[edit | edit source]

The most notable guild in the Reign of Kings community since the game's launch is 2015 has been the "Reign of Papas" guild [1]. The guild was formed in early 2015, following the Alpha launch of the Reign of Kings game [2]. The members of this guild constitute arguably the best PvPers in the game's community, with notable PvPers such as Papa Miget, Papa Shad, Papa Worldwide, Papa Flaffy, and Papa Ice.

Nearing the end of the 2016 season of Reign of Kings, the "Reign of Papas" guild did however, begin to devolve into a subset peasant group under the ruling of "Daddy" Mike and The Crows. The two groups can still be seen periodically making activity on public servers.

This guild currently holds the highest collective time for throne occupation, highest collective kill count, and highest collective headshot count, thus earning them the title of the "reigning" guild in Reign of Kings. They are also notable for their discovery of various glitches within the game, for curing lesbianism, and for the exodus of YouTuber "TVExtra" from the game's rapidly growing toxic community.