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The Crests of Reign of Kings

Crests are major-classed emblems representing your guild's territory and surrounding conquered glory. Once one has been placed on the world, a timer will appear over it while it conquers any unconquered surface area within the crest's radius. Any blocks within the conquered radius can be removed by any fellow guild members. Objects within the radius can be interacted with, on top of all objects able to be opened or used freely by anyone in your guild unless a door or object with security settings is set to Family, in which case only guild members with the Family privilege can open and/or operate them. You can only place one crest total at any time. So for example, if you had a Steel Crest, you could not place an Iron Crest until the first crest you placed has been removed. Totems can be used on crests to make them invulnerable for 24 hours.

As of Alpha 14, Crests require fuel or they disappear. With wood or sticks you can add a respawn protection up to 8 days.

Tiers of Crests

Listing the tiers of crest quality from worst to best for highest HP, largest conquering radius and overall class:

  • Leather Crest
  • Iron Crest
  • Steel Crest

Important Information

Crafting & Stats
Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product HP Tier Radius Conquer Time
Leather Crest Bone 10 Leather Hide 1 Wood 100 Time
5 seconds
Leather Crest 1500 1 30 x 30 20 minutes
Iron Crest Flax 100 Iron Ingot 60 Anvil Time
5 seconds
Iron Crest 3000 2 50 x 50 20 minutes
Steel Crest Flax 100 Steel Ingot 60 Smithy Time
5 seconds
Steel Crest 6000 3 70 x 70 20 minutes
  • For more detailed information about each crest, visit the individual item pages for each one and also check out the Guilds page.


  • Model Set
  • Item Set

Usage & Strategies

  • Only the owner of a crest can remove it normally.
  • If another crest is placed where there is already conquered territory, only the unconquered portion of its radius will be conquered.
  • Guild members can access, remove and build anything within your crest's radius. They cannot remove objects they do not own however. In this instance, Doors, Gates and Windows can be removed which defeats the purpose of security settings at this time.
  • Every member of a guild can place one crest, and it will expand the territory of the guild appropriately. Same-guild conquer zones do not have to be connected.

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