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The Creatures of Reign of Kings
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Surely at some point in your exploration of the world, you'll notice it has living inhabitants also sharing the land with you, but are not human. These are creatures, and most of them will provide valuable resources if you hunt them. The general rule of thumb is, the bigger the creature, the better the harvest. Some, however, will attack you just for being too close to them or otherwise outright attacking them - so be careful what you pick on if you are new and always be prepared to run for your life.

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Some of these creatures are hostile and very dangerous if you provoke them. It is advised to have Javelins or a Bow for these moments, so you can keep your distance. For creatures that don't try to kill you, they will run from you instead, making ranged weapons just as useful in those situations as well.

Important Information
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Creatures of the World
Name HP Exclusive Drops Aggression Airborne?
Bat - - Passive Yes
Chicken 10 Raw BirdFeather Passive No
Deer 45 Deer Leg Club Passive No
Grizzly Bear 80 Bear HideHeart Hostile No
Male Duck 10 Duck FeetRaw Bird Passive No
Moose 75 - Passive No
Pigeon - - Passive Yes
Plague Villager 100 DiamondTears Of The Gods Hostile No
Rabbit 20 - Passive No
Rooster 10 Raw BirdFeather Passive No
Seagull - - Passive Yes
Sheep 30 Wool Passive No
Stag 50 Deer Leg Club Passive No
Werewolf 100 DiamondTears Of The Gods Hostile No
Wolf 60 Fang Hostile No
  • To see the precise drop rates, all of the drops per creature, detailed combat strategies for hunting them or any other detailed information about them, visit the individual page for the creature you'd like to know more about.
  • To see every creature that drops a specific resource with the drop rate, check out the Resources page.
  • To view visual geographical locations of these creatures, check out the HD/SD world maps.

Game Version
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