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The Crafting Stations of Reign of Kings
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There are two types of crafting stations amongst 16 different stations. The first type is a crafting type where you have a Manuscripts page to choose recipes and craft them by interacting with the station. The second type of station is a processing station which takes certain ingredients or fuel in order to refine items into other, different, refined items. Many stations can be upgraded at least once to a superior station that either offers more Manuscripts or more efficient processing as well as new items you can process. Crafting stations will be the heart of the game's essence for building up and piecing together the items you'll be using for the world surrounding you.

Station Chains
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Listing the different upgrade paths for the various station types:

Crafting & Upgrading Information
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Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product HP
Work Bench Wood 120 Time
1 minute
Work Bench 1000
Campfire Wood 60 Time
1 minute
Campfire 1000
Anvil Wood 80 Iron Ingot 16 Work Bench Time
1 minute
Anvil 1500
Fletcher Wood 120 Flax 45 Work Bench Time
1 minute
Fletcher 1000
Granary Stone 420 Wood 700 Iron Ingot 30 Work Bench Time
1 minute
Granary 10000
Well Flax 80 Wood 120 Stone 100 Work Bench Time
1 minute
Siegeworks Flax 1200 Wood 4200 Iron Ingot 300 Tinker Time
5 minutes
Siegeworks 3000
Woodworking Wood 300 Iron Ingot 5 Work Bench Time
1 minute
Woodworking 1000
Spinning Wheel Wood 300 Work Bench Time
1 minute
SpinningWheelK.png ?
Sawmill Wood 500 Iron Ingot 10 Work Bench Time
1 minute
SawmillK.png ?
Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Button Time Product HP
Tannery Flax 55 Wood 90 Work Bench Upgrading Time
1 minute
Tannery 2500
Stone Cutter Wood 80 Iron Ingot 4 Tannery Upgrading Time
1 minute
Stone Cutter 3500
Tinker Wood 170 Iron Ingot 8 Stone Cutter Upgrading Time
1 minute
Tinker 5000
Firepit Stone 25 Campfire Upgrading Time
1 minute
Firepit 3500
Smelter Stone 250 Firepit Upgrading Time
1 minute
Smelter 6000
Smithy Stone 120 Anvil Upgrading Time
1 minute
Smithy 3500
Bellows Stone 55 Leather Hide 5 Iron Ingot 8 Smithy Upgrading Time
1 minute
Bellows 5000
Advanced Fletcher Flax 60 Hay 80 Fletcher Upgrading Time
1 minute
Advanced Fletcher 2500
  • To see the crafting recipes, Manuscripts, production abilities, other abilities, or pictures of the stations, visit the individual page for the station(s) that you want to know about.

Usage & Strategies
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  • To increase production times and yields that are slowed down due to timers on crafting stations, building multiple of the same station can really help speed things up.
  • There is an occasional glitch where items you crafted will move to the output slot of the station, but you cannot see or pick it up. This becomes obvious if you try to collect the station to move it to another location, as it refuses to let you pick it up while there are items inside the station. The only workaround for the time being is to destroy the station if you need it moved.

Game Version
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