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The Containers of Reign of Kings
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The containers are means of storing your extra items that you don't have room to carry on you all of the time. They vary in shape and size, as well as containment space within. Containers can be opened and used freely by any player that can reach and interact with them.

Tiers of Containers
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Listing the tiers of container quality from worst to best for highest HP, most item slots for storage, and overall class:

  • Wood
  • Medium Quality
  • High Quality
  • Iron
  • Steel

Important Information
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Crafting & Stats
Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product HP Storage
Wood Chest Wood 100 Time
5 seconds
Wood Chest 1000 8
Iron Chest Wood 125 Iron Ingot 4 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Iron Chest 6000 24
Steel Chest Wood 125 Steel Ingot 4 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Steel Chest 9000 40
Medium Quality Bookcase Wood 300 Iron Ingot 1 Woodworking Time
5 seconds
Medium Quality Bookcase 1500 8
Medium Quality Dresser Wood 500 Iron Ingot 2 Woodworking Time
5 seconds
Medium Quality Dresser 1500 16
High Quality Cabinet Wood 600 Iron Ingot 2 Woodworking Time
5 seconds
High Quality Cabinet 5000 16
  • For more detailed information about each container, visit the individual item pages for each one.

[edit | edit source]

  • Model Set
  • Item Set

Usage & Strategies
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  • Since anyone can open a container, it is recommended to always have them behind locked and closed doors to prevent intruders from stealing from them.
  • Hiding important containers by surrounding them with blocks maybe be a good idea to prevent raids from getting a hold of your important items.

Game Version
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