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RoK Update (Official Release)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: December 15th, 2015

Reign Of Kings is Released!

This is a very special update, as it marks the day of release for Reign of Kings on Steam. We thank everyone for your feedback and helping us to mold the game into what it is today. We’re happy to have been able to develop a new medieval gaming experience where we can live the dream and reign as king or queen.

We announced upon launch on Early Access that our goal was to release before the end of the year, and we’re happy to say that we have not only achieved our internal roadmap, but also added many features past it. On average, each player has played around 36 hours of ROK, with many over a hundred, and some over a thousand hours of playtime. Throughout development, we've launched over 22 major updates, and have spent the last couple of months fixing bugs, optimizing, polishing, and tweaking in preparation for the release.

The 1.0 is more than just a release, it is also one of our biggest updates. We've spent a large amount of time working on server optimization and performance. This should help with the server causing lag in different areas when under heavy load. We also implemented a server-side modding framework that will allow server operators to change many values of the game in order to better suit the game to their communities tastes. Aside from this, there were many bug fixes, and design tweaks. We also fixed all known exploits. Official servers will be wiped with this update, and a wipe is recommended for community servers. You can find the full list below.

EAC has been working hard on many changes to help prevent hacking. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

If you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

Looking to the future, if there is something urgent, we will patch it as soon as we can. Otherwise, we will continue to support the game by releasing occasional patches that will focus on further bug fixes, design tweaks, and exploit fixes. The anti-hack is updated separately via the EAC launcher and will update itself as new hacks are discovered, as anti-hacking is a constant battle. We do not plan to do further weekly progress reports in-between future patches, but we will of course still be part of the community and monitor the forums. Please continue to list bugs, balancing thoughts, and email us about exploits. We also plan to do a wipe about once a month going forward to keep the servers running well, and the game fresh.

Server-Side Modding:

- Implemented a server-side modding system that allows you to change the game through configuration files. You can find these files under the "Mods" folder after running the server twice.

- Can customize offset player spawn position
- Can customize offset animal spawn positions, animal spawn timers, other animal spawning variables
- Can customize loot tables for animals and plague village containers
- Can customize instrument buffs (name, intensity, duration, etc.)
- Can customize siege and projectile damage
- Can customize times for farm phases
- Can customize amounts for harvestables
- Can customize Crest related times (conquering, siege, etc.)
- Day-night cycle speed can be changed, as well as the global latitude to change the sun's movement
- Island resource spawn rates can be changed to be more dense or sparse, recover from damage more quickly, and offset resource spawn points
- Atmosphere can be adjusted to be different colors and the fog more or less dense
- Made it so players health and inventory slots can be modified.
- Added a mod section to the /buildreport command.
- Added a bunch of blueprint mods such as stack limits for items, max health for placeable objects and much more.
- Placing of animals and explosive kegs can now be enabled through the server-side config files.
- Tax limits are now configurable.
- The free realm's name is now configurable.
- The input slots of the Campfire, Firepit, Smelter, Granary, Well, and Sawmill will now accept any item, so that modified items may still be crafted.
- Nutrition and hydration values for different fish sizes are modifiable
- Fish school sizes are modifiable
- Fish attraction to hooks/bait is modifiable
- Fishing line tension is modifiable
- Character creation body proportions are modifiable
- Block colors are modifiable
- Player movement values modifiable
- Player stability values modifiable
- Player physics damage modifiable
- Can modify animal combat values
- Can modify animal A.I values
- Can modify animal movement values
- Can modify animal health values


- Added command for admins to add to the news popup
- Players who are consistently detected inside of blocks may be kicked from the server.
- Players who log in inside a structures blocks will be sent to the beach spawning zone.
- The "Controls" menu now allows players to assign modifier keys.
- The "Controls" menu is now larger to help fit all of that text on-screen.
- Control axis deadzones now save properly.
- The default control axis deadzone is now 10%.
- Important events that occur around the player while logging into a server arrive more consistently, keeping the game synchronized.
- Tooltips now display numerical information directly from items, instead of a hand-written description.


- Server performance has been improved in various areas.
- Minor performance fixes in various areas
- Fixed a material memory leak in blocks
- Reduced garbage in farming codebase
- Made decay system slightly more performant in its checks
- Low framerate in-game unless using video-capture software has been fixed with exclusive fullscreen rendering
- Memory leak reduction in a variety of scripts
- Fixed some slowdowns when starting a server that had over 2000 past users.
- Optimized part of Character Creation saving on the server
- Optimized client load time of fishes
- Fixed lag when switching between placeable objects

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed several cases where a crest isn't destroyed when running out of protection
- Fixed an issue where the first placed plot was being missed for growing
- You can no longer throw a projectile sideways when standing really close to something
- Siege weapons can hit the bell gong
- Fern skirt better weighting with small stomachs, shows over loincloth properly
- Flower armors will properly block small amounts of damage
- Resource node decals less likely to show on equipment while gathering
- Giant jaws on characters shouldn't expose lower teeth
- Collected shrubs, chopped trees shouldn't regrow underneath blocked-over areas
- Pure darkness flicker between 10 and 11 at night fixed
- Fallen trees will glitch out less dramatically when built over
- Fix for sometimes mysterious missing bush and tree objects when coming into close LOD
- Prevention of cloning entries in damaged or destroyed trees and bushes
- Fix for strange third person camera
- Servers accessed over remote desktop should no longer experience a tug-of-war with the mouse pointer while Reign of Kings is running.
- Players who log out or are disconnected on the raft will now receive their proper starting equipment on their next play.
- Fixed an issue that could cause brief pauses when executing players in the gallows
- Closing the door on a lockpicked cage won't reset the lock unless the player closing it belongs to the cage's guild
- Escaping from capture using a sharp rock or lockpick shouldn't require as much camera gymnastics.
- Fixed issue with iron torch particles not playing
- Fixed issue with PoA being consumed with full inventory
- Fixed issue where certain facial features could get messed up
- Fixed all known exploits
- Randomize head randomized tattoos
- Local drum audio is more reliable
- Placing large prefabs on terrain should be smoother
- You can no longer place a drawbridge over another player's guild line
- Horn audio no longer gets stuck sometimes
- Fixed issue with server restarts in character creation not resetting your camera
- Fixed an issue with exiting the flute HUD not working properly
- Fixed a bug where animals may repeatedly appear to sink into the terrain and then snap back up to the surface.
- Animals are less likely to run in one direction while looking in another direction. This was especially noticeable on wolves.
- Fixed a bug with the hit reaction animation. Previously, while characters were in a hit reaction, some parts of the body would rapidly jitter, especially when viewed at a distance. This is no longer the case.

Design Changes:

- Characters can crouch much lower than before, allowing them to fit through spaces that are 1 block high.
- Crouch jumping is now possible and is especially effective in climbing into single-block holes.
- Trebuchet will now take 30% damage from projectiles instead of being invulnerable to them.
- Made projectiles fall out of trees which have been cut down
- Wolf damage and stamina reduced.
- The "Iron Battle War Hammer" no longer deals 10 extra damage from left-to-right swings.
- Some prefabs have had their damage resistances reduced. Most visibly, decorative furniture and defensive barricades now take siege damage.
- Burnt bird is no longer half-useless, it is now fully useless.

We hope you enjoy Reign of Kings, and we look forward to seeing you on the throne! Long live the king!

- The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Beta 2)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: November 28th, 2015

This beta update introduces many fixes and additional polish to the game. Official servers will be wiped with this update, and a wipe is recommended for community servers.

We've decided to polish the game by improving the functionality of various systems, and improving the visuals of others. We took some time to fix many outstanding menu issues, added more support for joypads, added more particles, improved shaders, and made it so the armor no longer takes up inventory space.

The animals in the game have also been polished to be much more responsive, better animations, and more dangerous if they are aggressive.

We have also spent a lot of time on different stability issues, and server issues. There were also many additional bug fixes improving many other areas of the game.

Our leaderboard system for server admins has also been improved as well. Aside from the automatic ban option which can be configured in the config file, administrators can also easily ban players directly from the leaderboards, statistics, and reports menus.

We've decided to bring our official server count down to 24 from 32 to help facilitate larger player numbers on each server, and also help give community servers a boost.

EAC has been working hard on many changes to help prevent hacking, and in the past week they have banned just over 50 players for hacking. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

If you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

We will be continuing our work with polishing, bug fixes, anti-hack, and optimizations in the game for the release. As well, we plan to start work on adding in more server-side configuration options, so server operators will have more control to modify the experience players will have on their server. We do not plan to do art modding due to restrictions we see with our games architecture (something like this is best planned from day 1, and it wasn't part of our plans).

We are now nearing the end of the beta period as we previously planned for early December. Many bugs were fixed, and our internal bug list is now getting small. We expect the next update to be the 1.0 update for the game, and we estimate it will be ready for release sometime between December 11th - 16th.


- Animals move and animate more naturally than before.
- Some animals have new, more diverse animations, including:
a) Improved, more detailed idle animations.
b) Improved running animations with smoother blending and transitioning.
c) Hit reactions.
d) Multiple death animations.
- Aggressive animals have a longer viewing distance.
- Aggressive animals will gallop towards you at high speed when you become visible.
- For aggressive animals, running consumes stamina. Eventually they will tire out and will not be able to run as fast as you.
- For aggressive animals, stamina gradually increases when the animal is moving slowly enough.
- For aggressive animals, visibility ranges differ:
a) Plague Villager viewing distance decreased.
b) Grizzly Bear viewing distance increased slightly.
c) Wolf viewing distance increased.
d) Werewolf viewing distance increased significantly.
- It is possible to sneak up to enemies from behind, although they will sense your presence if you if you get too close.
- Aggressive animals will look towards the player if he is attacking, or the point he is moving towards.
- Other minor adjustments have been made to improve how aggressive animals attack.
- Position synchronization has been improved for creatures, which should reduce the likelihood of teleportation.
- Synchronization of animal corpses has been polished.
- Animal death animations will align more appropriately to the terrain.
- Arm stretching has been reduced from swing animations. This was especially noticeable with very small characters or when swinging your weapon vertically.
- Clipping artifacts have been reduced for shields.
- Added ping limit to the list of lobby search options.
- Most numbers seen on rapidly-changing counters or comparable columns are now a mono-spaced font.
- Administrators may now kick or ban players from the "Statistics", "Leaderboards", and "Reports" menus through their context menus.
- Depositing all items will ignore your equipped gear, unless there was nothing else to deposit, where a second click will now deposit your equipment.
- Added extra 'armor', 'hand-held', 'structural', and 'resource' buttons for quick deposits and collection from containers.
- Equipped armor and items hidden in your orifice are removed from your inventory to free-up some space.
- The mouse cursor and buttons can now be imitated with a joystick. The "Options" menu allows you to enable the gamepad cursor and "Controls" menu allows you to customize the buttons.
- Axes in controls now have an adjustable dead zone for the joysticks that need it.
- You can now teleport to sleeping players as an admin.
- Underwater transition improved
- Intractable highlight shows when looking away and back at an object
- Character bone weighting fixes to reduce clipping on male loin cloth, male belly when bending over
- Tweaked shading on iron shackles
- Hanging items can now be rotated
- Hanging Lantern now looks better when it's off
- Audio on cages and gates matches animation better
- Prefab placer now gives descriptive messages when you can't place something
- Added destruction particles to all prefabs


- Scaled up the Large Iron Hanging Cage to fit large players properly.
- Banning a player who is offline will now display the player's name instead of "Player".
- Administrators will no longer accumulate invalid positions while they are in the sky with fly mode enabled.
- Clients can no longer heal themselves, all healing is issued by the server.
- Server.exe can now be run as a service.
- The console output field can no longer be clicked while it is empty.
- Players can now change weapons while jumping and falling.
- Players can now sprint, jump, and turn while in the game menus. Clicking and dragging the mouse on a non-menu area will turn your character.
- Auto run will no longer instantly disable if turned on while moving.
- Players can no longer move during customization, even with the Potion of Appearance.
- Armour and ammo can be double-clicked to unequip the item.


- Fixed duplicate trees spawning on page borders
- Fix with pages duplicating tree modification data
- Improved time it takes to load tree modifications from pages

Bug Fixes:

- Players are now granted their starting equipment when they complete character creation, this should end the 'empty inventory start' that some new characters experience.
- Players that log in dead will always view the area where they logged out, instead of the occasional disembodied visit to the center of the map.
- Pressing "Esc" during the loading screen will no longer disable the 'Esc to go back' menu shortcut.
- Context menus would not close when clicking away from them will now do so, and behave like the rest.
- The panes of the "Statistics", "Leaderboards", and "Reports" menus will now refresh individually.
- The panes of the "Statistics" and "Leaderboards" menus will now refresh over time, so that the game does not freeze while processing thousands of items.
- Global menus like "Options" will no longer overlap at random.
- Armour can no longer be swapped into incorrect slots by trading with the inventory.
- Fixed an issue that could skip players when measuring ping, causing them to spike occasionally.
- The player ping graph will no longer break down when two players log out and one logs in during the same frame while the system is paused at the end of the player list...
- The Ancient Sword and Ancient Crown can no longer be put into chests or drawers.
- Players who are not the king can destroy the Ancient Sword or Ancient Crown by dropping them.
- Fixed a bug where muted users would still be able to local chat.
- Fixed a bug that would warn the person you are whisper to stop spamming instead of yourself.
- Fixed the /shutdown command not actually shutting down the server when entering the command from in-game.
- Made sure more popups are shown when you fail to connect to a server.
- Made it so if a single piece of the loading process takes longer then 10 minutes. It cancels your connection.
- Fixed a bug where you could load slots with negative numbers.
- Fixed a bug that would not allow you to join a server after entering an invalid host name.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the server to restart infinitely if you had over 5000+ users.
- Fixed various bugs in the back-end to improve stability.
- Fixed some stability problems with save locations and servers.
- Our official servers now use a more reliable steam authentication service. This service is not currently available for community servers however the community servers will function the same as they have in the past.
- Shoulder positions in first person adjusted to reduce strange angles in character's shadows and wrists
- Removed visual artifacts in first person for bull and wooden mask
- Fixed strange visual distortions on Lord's Bed
- Severed limb stumps visual fixes
- Animals now drip blood again when hit
- Tree destruction particles fixed
- Fixed trouble with missing shadows on armor or weapons in certain builds
- Third person camera keeps farther away from walls to avoid clipping and clip prevention
- Fixed phantom water plane near Crownland river
- After relogging with a helmet on, your face wont pop out of the helmet
- Fixed head clipping on steel helmet
- Choosing a random character should give you the proper gender of voice
- Fixed issue with the pony tail clipping on some hats
- Wall Ledges and Shelves can be placed on fences/walls again
- Corpses no longer continually trigger traps
- Drums are more responsive to input
- Ability to 'snag' a fish, if its close to your hook, a quick movement can sink the hook
- Fixed input issue with removing blocks while using various weapons
- Crest will use the proper amount of wood when adding to protection
- The config decay timer will now actually apply
- Trebuchet projectile will be more consistent when paged
- Kicking while using the watering can does not cause audio looping
- Made farmed trees have a random Y axis rotation
- Fixed an issue with the bow and follow camera not allowing more shooting
- Stormwall plague village corners and decals now have proper lighting
- Fixed AMD graphics card artifacts in ocean fog and placement holograms

Design Changes:

- Small collectible resources cannot be destroyed by damage
- Armor now reduces damage taken by hostile NPC's
- Reduced trebuchet reload speed by 30%.
- Trebuchet is now invulnerable to piercing/projectile damage.
- Reduced the amount of damage aggressive NPCs deal, to balance the increased aggression and attack speed on said NPCs.
- Updated crest usage text to display proper information.
- 10% increase in damage resistance when wearing full armor.

Thanks for Playing,
- The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Beta 1)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: November 6th, 2015

ROK Update Beta 1 This update introduces many fixes and some new polish to the game. We've also entered the beta period of the game. Official servers will be wiped with this update, a wipe is needed on community servers as well.

We've decided to polish the game by massively reducing the clipping that used to occur when the player held different items. Previously while playing in first person, you may have noticed that parts of your body became invisible when they moved too close to the camera. For example, your forearms or shoulders may have appeared to phase out of existence when you performed certain attacks. In the update, this problem should be reduced, if not eliminated, for the majority of cases.

We have also spent a lot of time on memory optimization. The 3D Tileset and tree system now handles memory better than it did before.

Our leaderboard system for server admins has also been improved a fair bit as well. As well, an automatic ban option is now present and can be turned on in server config options. Keep in mind, it is an experimental feature, and is fully based on the leaderboard systems.

If you are an admin, you can display the different types of leader boards in-game by typing" /menu" in the chat. If you wish to open the leader boards specifically, enter this in chat: "/menu open Leaderboards" - This will open the leaderboards. It is here you can keep eye on all the players on your server.

There has also been some increased hacking issues over the past month, but EAC has been working hard on many changes to help prevent this, and in the past week they have banned 248 players for hacking. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

If you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

We are on track for the full release of the game in early December. We will be continuing our work with polishing, bug fixes, and optimizations in the game for the next beta update. We will also be looking into further server-side configuration, but are not yet sure if that will be in the next update or not. The next update will be anywhere from 2-3 weeks away.


- Significantly reduced near-plane clipping artifacts
- Reduced the amount of visual snow in the low light vision simulation shaders. At night, shadows should appear deeper, noise should be more subtle. But it should still feel like lurking at night.
- The potion of appearance, and the potion of antidote received a visual makeover. They now use higher-poly models and realistic glass shaders.
- The arm pose animations in first person are smoother and more natural, whereas previously they may appear to, for example, rhythmically twitch and jerk while running with a weapon.
- Added equip sound to shields
- Updated Campfire and Firepit upgrading sounds
- Updated rain audio
- Added ambient audio to rivers
- Adjusted waterfall audio volume
- Added ambient audio to the shore line
- Added more stability to the Player Queue System.
- Made it so that if a guild is abandoned any invitations will follow that player
- Made the trail effect on trebuchet shots more apparent
- Increased distance for guild name tag viewership by 2x
- Full grown farmed trees remove the plot under them in order to look more natural
- Cage Door closing sounds line up with animation
- Banner Creation uses Hue, Saturation and Value sliders instead of just a Color slider, allowing for a wider range of colors (especially darker and less saturated ones)
- Block placing failure messages are more descriptive where applicable
- Scaled a couple stations to a more reasonable size
- Added underwater plants to Crownland
- Added subtle wind effect to farmed grain
- Prevention for players looking behind walls: Blocks will render double sided when the camera is inside a structure, camera will darken to black when fully enclosed in blocks


- Buttons with context menus (Right-click to show a dropdown) now display an indicator where they are available.
- Added a new menu to display reports.
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" can open and operate the report menu with "/menu open Reports".
- Administrators with permission to operate the Statistics, Leaderboards, and Reports menus will now see them appear on the main menu.
- Added the automatic report handling system to server configuration.
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" or "codehatch.reporting.players.immunity" will be ignored by this system.
- Server administrators may set "autoReportBanEnabled" in the server configuration to grant the server the ability to auto-ban players who accumulate special 'report points' from being reported.
- Server administrators may set "reportThresholdMultiplier" in the server configuration to increase or decrease the relative number of 'report points' required to auto-ban a player.
- Players that are removed by the report handling system are wiped from all leaderboards, improving the accuracy of future 'deviation tests'. They can show up again if they are un-banned and log back in to play.
- Players that have less than 30 minutes played on a server are no longer saved to any of its leaderboards when they log out. This removes the excessive and incomplete data left by one-time visitors.
- Clarified the descriptions of 'deviation tests' and 'rank tests' seen in player reports a bit better.
- Social ID numbers are now properly saved to and read from report files.
- The Statistics, Leaderboards, and Reports menus now have context menus to copy a player's name or ID number.
- The Statistics, Leaderboards, and Reports menus now show banned players in red, much like offline players are shown in grey.
- The Leaderboards menu can now remove a player from one or all leaderboards, or clear a leaderboard through context menus.
- Leaderboards will now update properly for players who have logged out and in during the server's play session.
- Added unique report count statistics for per-player and per-guild reports received.
- Added block placement / removal statistics.
- Added block placement / removal leaderboards.
- Added "Most Wanted", "Most Deadly", "Most Mobile", and "Most Sheltered" leaderboards for administrators to glance over who has a large impact on the game.
- Added new local chat command. Local chat has a range of 100m and will start to fade after 25m. /local (message)
- Added new whisper chat command. /whisper [username] (message)
- You can lock your chat to either local or whisper if you do not type a message. EX: /whisper Bob
- Fixed an exploit with fall damage.
- Spawn protection will end automatically after 30 seconds
- Captured players can no longer kick
- Moved the trebuchet blast mark over to the decal system
- Added decay times to configuration file so they can be edited


- Removed memory waste in Forest code
- Reduced memory waste in 3D Tileset code
- 3D Tileset corner details load in more quickly
- Large structures consume much less memory when loaded
- Reduced initial texture memory usage

Bug Fixes:

- Stations that were stocked with materials and left to work will now produce the appropriate number of item stacks when a player returns.
- Stations that craft with fuel will no longer 'over-burn' when the fuel runs empty, which commonly produced an excessive amount of Charcoal.
- Cooking stations will no longer accept un-cookable materials in their input.
- The statistic "Total Reports Submitted" now calculates and displays the proper number.
- Fixed and re-enabled build report.
- Fixed more bugs in the permissions system.
- Fixed a bug that would allow modified clients to set their name to empty. Making admins unable to know who they are. Players with empty names will have their character's deleted and will have to recreate their character.
- Fixed a bug with the /banlist command that would cause the text to fade after 10 or more people.
- Fixed some instances where a popup would be closed if another popup is opened.
- Fixed admin command /godmode
- Using the weird single quotes in config files should not break the config.
- Fixed some issues with Throwing weapons not throwing properly in odd cases
- Fixed an issue with the farming hint not changing back from the watered color
- Fixed an issue with the farm highlighter applying to the incorrect location
- Right clicking with a throwing weapon or bow will no longer remove blocks
- Added a message to let players know they cannot place trees right next to each other
- Moved the trebuchet counterweight trigger to a specific location, rather than the entire trebuchet
- Fixed an issue with Scythe not appearing in crafting menu
- Fixed inverted cobblestone corner taking salvage damage in a crest zone
- Weapons will not pickup blocks if blocking
- Name changes when king/queen will be reflected throughout the game
- Made the scythe also harvest wild hay
- Make the scythe harvest farmed hay in a wider area
- Fixed /videoFly admin command
- Inverted Cobblestone Corner's now have the correct destruction effects
- Fixed issue with Rain noises persisting after you leave the game
- Fixed issue with Rain making loud popping noises
- Fixed a bug where your voice could reset to 'Creature' when joining the game
- Fixed issue preventing the Cube hint from turning red when you can't place
- Bladed Pillar now damages correct parts of the body
- Fixed female wrists looking strange when holding clubs in first person
- Fixed music and ambient sounds not playing or playing too frequently
- Fixed re-sizing window during loading causing black tree sprites
- Fixed rain and lightning showing over loading screen and GUI elements
- War drum scaled more conservatively with very big and very small bellies
- Female torso bone weighting adjusted to remove sharp vertices when bending shoulders
- Fixed Crownland having invisible / low quality models in gamer mode
- Depth of field focus increased underwater to help fishing gameplay remain clear

Design Changes:

- Resource Nodes set back to 250 from 150
- Totems have a maximum of 14 days protection now
- Plague villagers are slightly faster and no longer slow down at low health

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 22)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: October 23rd, 2015

We are excited for everyone to play the final alpha update as it introduces some major new systems and content. Since the release of the game, we provided 21 alpha updates, fixed many exploits, bugs, and implemented many community suggestions. We thank everyone for playing, testing, and making suggestions throughout this alpha period. The beta period starts next, and there is more work yet to be done. This update will require a wipe on official and community servers.

The farming system has been added into the game. You can find seeds, plant them, water them, and watch them grow. You may grow plants and berry bushes in order to provide large amounts of food. And by being able to plant trees, you can now grow a source of wood and please your entire guild.

Females have also been added into the game. You may play as a female via the character customization screen.

Spears have also been added. This new weapon type will be monitored to see how the balancing affects combat.

We've also finished our anti-hack/report system that monitors players on a server in order to help us verify reported players. Admins can check the stats provided on players on their server if they have some suspicions. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

Now that the game is entering beta, the team will be focusing on bug fixing, polishing, balancing, and any further optimizations we can find. We will also be opening up more server configuration options to aid in server-side modding of the game. We will also continue to battle hacks by implementing more anti-hack and monitoring. Expect beta updates every 2-3 weeks. We estimate the beta period to last until early December based on all the critical/major bugs we are tracking. Please share with us any bug reports and balancing suggestions during this time.

If you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

Many other new features, changes, fixes, optimizations, and design changes have also been added which you can find below:


- Added nearly 50 new guild icons
- Added Feminine body type to character customization
- Added 9 Feminine voice packs
- Added red hair color
- Character eyes make eye contact, move, and look into the foreground instead of the far distance
- Five new weapons added, Wood Spear, Stone Spear, Iron Spear, Iron Forked Spear & Steel Spear
- Implemented spear animations, settled on a stab, downward stab, and modified swing animations for horizontal attacks.
- Added Jester Hats which jiggle and jingle
- Added several new steel tier helmets
- Added Bell Gong (can be struck to produce noise)
- Added new Long Drawbridge
- Added new song to complete the 10 song ROK Original Soundtrack by Kevin Greenlee
- Implemented new Corner Pieces and Inverted Corner Pieces for building
- Added a gizmo for two new corner ramps.
- Developed procedural hit reactions. When a character is struck, a force is simulated on a virtual skeleton. The reactions are not baked, meaning that the reaction is always unique and can vary depending on the location hit, the weight of weapon, the direction the blow came from, and what the character was doing at the time of being struck.
- Farming System
- Can place plots by using the hoe
- The hoe allows for snapping to nearby plots or blocks
- Can plant various amounts of seed at different times on a plot
- Can water plots with the watering pot, this decreases the growth period for plants
- Rain waters all plots on the server
- Plants try their best to blend together either via shader fading or through animations
- Plants can be harvested via "E" to collect
- The scythe can harvest grain twice, normal picking only harvests once
- Planted trees are damaged like normal trees
- Planted trees in their final stage are trees like the rest of the world
- Right click removes plots when using the hoe in your crested area or in non-crested areas
- There is a highlighting system to show you when you can plant, hoe, water, and harvest in farming
- Certain crops allow for multiple harvests
- Added Resolution Scaling to graphics settings, Does not affect UI elements when resolution is reduced and increasing scaling acts as an expensive but accurate antialiasing for high end computers
- Added Depth of Field option to graphics settings, subtle effect that gets blurrier underwater
- Added Temporal Antialiasing to graphics settings, smooths out flickery artifacts in grass and other dense details
- Added admin /giveSearch command to give you what /itemList would return
- Adjusted admin fly mode for more responsive control, slower initial acceleration
- Player communication, movement, and combat statistics are now recorded by the server.
- Statistics are saved to a new folder beside the world slots.
- Added a new menu to display statistics.
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" can open and operate the statistic menu with "/menu open Statistics".
- A selection of player statistics are now compared and displayed in leaderboards.
- Leaderboards are saved to a new folder beside the world slots.
- Added a new menu to display leaderboards.
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" can open and operate the leaderboard menu with "/menu open Leaderboards".
- Reports are now saved to a new folder beside the world slots, instead of being beside the save folder.
- The report system now uses a simple menu, instead of an input dialogue.
- The new report menu allows you to select 'Abuse', 'Spam', or 'Exploit' as a report category to quickly express your intention.
- Reports submitted to either category are now recorded and displayed in the player statistics and leaderboards.
- Reports now use the configuration file format to allow both users and machines to read them.
- Reports may run 'deviation tests' to determine the validity of a report, adding report points to the reported player when valid.
- Deviation test results are recorded in report files where applicable.
- Added RCon (Remote Console) Support for administrators who would like to control their server remotely. RCon, or Remote Console, is a networking tcp/ip protocol introduced by Valve to define how third party applications can communicate with their game servers. For more info on working with it:


- Eating/drinking is faster and can be canceled
- Large multiblock structures (like the drawbridges) should be easier to place
- Minor tweaks to various sound effects
- Repair hammer hologram now uses a no lit shader
- Added sound effect to the trebuchet lever
- Releasing captives from cages is more reliable
- Lockpicks hidden in an orifice will now open cage doors from the inside
- Players will stay captured when logging in
- Cages that have been lockpicked can have their lock reset by the original owner using the door
- Cage doors will not occasionally de-synchronize when logging in
- Clients will now synchronize their position more frequently, but less frequently after death, which generally evens out..
- Improved appearance of swimming while holding weapons. Two-handed weapons are held normally while swimming.
- Players are no longer able to kick when they have broken legs.
- Character traction improved. Characters are now able to maintain stability while stuck in concave geometry with steep angles, like deep narrow crevices in terrain.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed "Cannot intersect with other blocks" warning happening when it shouldn't
- Fixed description of Ground Torch
- Fixed issue that could potentially cause fish to be texture-less
- Fixed issue with bridges and block collapsing
- Iron bars (and other windows) are easier to place on terrain
- Cube progress bar has collision again
- Eating animation is shorter
- Fixed an issue with the drawbridge animation
- Fixed issue with resource no build zones loading in late
- Casting the fishing rod should work better on high DPI mice
- Fixed issue with kicking while playing the flute
- Fixed issue with projectiles sometimes not playing sounds on contact
- Fixed issue with projectiles playing the wrong sound on contact
- Fixed off-screen animation culling. Weapons will no longer float momentarily when they are just behind the player.
- Signs should always be orientated in the proper direction when placing
- It no longer rains underwater
- Bear traps specular lighting reduced
- Block destruction particle now shows the first time
- Lighting on ravens, guild crests, banners, hay targets more accurate
- Particle and decal effects show up better on resource nodes
- Minimum model LOD increased to 50% to ensure the highest LOD is used when inside the model
- Lighting looks less strange on very distorted character models
- Removed non-decal effects from animal blood
- Crossbow animation arm stretching removed for most body sizes
- Fixed some issues with guild naming not possible after abandonment
- Fixed an issue with effects pool not showing the first instance of objects
- Fixed a coding mistake between blocking and kicking.
- Weapons should now hit properly, whereas previously some weapons would hit with the side of a blade rather than the sharp edge.


- Dense forests use less memory, spawn faster, transition faster and more efficiently
- Grass more accurately follows biome edges, roads are not as overgrown
- Improved memory with blocks
- Main Menu framerate improved

Design Changes:

- Added 8 more inventory slots.
- Fixed missing LOD in Storm Wall plague village.
- Catching a fish does no longer requires you to snag them once they bite
- Removed fuse & tears of the gods.
- Seeds can now be found in the plague village.
- Most animals have a chance of dropping seeds.
- Trees and vegetables have a chance of dropping seeds when harvested.
- Crates in the plague village have a chance of having seeds.
- 3D Tilesets now all upgrade correctly. (Tier 1 can be replaced by Tier 2…)
- Sharp rock now will kill in 10 sec, was 60.
- All food items hydration & nourishment have been rebalanced.
- Food no longer heals when consumed.
- Consumption rates of food have been reduced. Foods that provide more hydration & nourishment will take longer to consume.
- Hay now drops, grain seed & grass when harvested.
- Granary now produces flour.
- Bread now produced by flour.
- Firepit can now produce “cooked beans”.
- Cost of stations and station upgrades have been increased (roughly 3x more).
- Trebuchet stone damage fix was only doing 900 damage needed to be 1500, increased cost of stone by 1
- Changed the trebuchet to be more accurate (i.e. requires more counterweight to reach the same distance)
- Resource nodes reduced in size from 250 to 150.
- Resource nodes have a 2x larger no build zone around them
- Berry bushes produce less fruit.
- Current fruit and variable patches spawn times reduced.

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 21)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: September 24th, 2015

This update introduces some new systems in the game. Kicking and fishing have been fully implemented. This update will require a wipe on official and community servers due to changed internal paging systems.

The fishing system has been fully integrated into the game. By crafting a fishing rod, you can take to the ocean or lake and go fishing. Fishing is done off the coast or on a player made dock. You can cast, reel, and wiggle your line in hopes of snagging that amazing fish. When the line is cast, you can see it underwater, and try and target the fish by moving the rod or raising/lowering your lure. Different fish are more attracted to different baits. Upon a fish biting, you will want to move the rod quickly to snag it, and then start reeling it in. Fish will fight the player to escape, so you will need to keep the line tension at a happy medium while reeling in.

Kicking has also been implemented. A swift kick will break through another players defenses, giving you the opportunity to land a blow to the head. But be careful, a poorly timed kick can leave you vulnerable! A kick will also apply a satisfying knockback force.

Players can also now properly report other offending players using the ESC menu. A number of bug fixes have also been put in. The paging backend system also had some changes done to help make the loading process more stable, so players hopefully no longer have a chance of falling through the terrain on load.

We also fixed a major exploit with the plague village that was brought to our attention. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to email us an exploit report. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

There has been some increased hacking issues lately, EAC is working on an up-front fix, and is currently banning any players detected for using it. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

We are working on many new things for the next update. The next update is expected to be our final alpha update, and it will be 4 weeks away due to the massive amount of features we will be implementing in it. After the next update, the beta period will start. We believe the beta period will run until December, which is outlined in the earlier path to completion post:

Some of the new features & content that will be in the final alpha update - Female Character Option, Farming System, Spears, Hunger/Thirst/Food re-balancing, Player Hit Reactions, Ability to connect to a dedicated server with a remote console (Rcon), Anti-Hack Report System, Long Drawbridge, Jester Hats, New Steel Helmets, More Guild Icons, and more. We are excited about finishing and releasing these new features and then focusing on polishing, fixing bugs & balance, and adding further server customization, during the beta period.


- Implemented kicking. Can kick using "T".
- Similar to swords, kicking uses trace-based hit detection against hitboxes.
- If you kick a player who is parrying or blocking with a shield, you may immediately swing a melee weapon if you are holding one. Otherwise, like all other attacks, you have to wait for the kick to finish completely.
- There are two kicking styles - a roundhouse kick for when you are holding a two-handed weapon, and a forward kick for all other situations. They both have similar reach and timing, and were implemented for visual variety.
- Kicking will apply a knockback force to players.
- A player performing a kick will not be able to run at full speed until the kick is completed.
- Melee attacks also apply force, though not as much as a kick.
- Armor and shields make different impact sounds when kicked
- Added Koi fish to game
- Added Salmon fish to game
- Added Bass fish to game
- Added Amberjack fish to game
- Added Fishing Rod
- Players are given a tutorial for fishing on first use
- Fish have different colors
- Fish have different weight and sizes
- Fish can be caught, and then eaten
- Fish can be carried around
- Added Bug Net which can catch insects
- Caught insects are used as bait in fishing
- Added Wasp bait to game
- Added Fly bait to game
- Added Fire Fly bait to game
- Added Butterfly bait to game
- Added Worm bait to game
- You can find worms when hitting dirt resource nodes
- Insects are found in swarms around the map


- Made paging wait for the terrain to be present before starting to page in to help prevent load order issues
- Made paging wait for other loaders before starting
- Updated the /question [question] command so everyone can see the results of the question.
- Menus such as 'Options' and 'Controls' now show solid backgrounds when displayed on-top of the main menu.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue with bows using the wrong ammo type if ammo is switched out
- Crests now eat the proper amount of wood when trying to place more than accepted in it
- Whip stamina boost uses same UI as other effects.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to get stuck as a ragdoll forever after being put in a cage.
- Cages will hold onto prisoners when the server restarts immediately after prisoners are placed in them.
- Players will release captives when logging out, sleepers can no longer hold ropes
- Fixed a bug in the simple-event system that would cause problems with certain commands.
- Fixed the report button not working in the logout(esc) menu and the right click chat context menu.
- Sleepers will now spawn on logout for players who previously died while asleep.
- Items that cannot be dropped on death will no longer be found on sleepers.
- Items located in multiple containers (Duplicates) will now attempt to exit their parallel universe and join us back in reality.
- The game will now break focus more effectively when using the Windows key.
- The game will no longer unexpectedly grab focus when it comes back into the foreground.

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 20)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: September 3rd, 2015

The team has been hard at work implementing the decal and buff system into the game.This update will require a wipe on official servers.

The decal system has been fully integrated into the game. This system allowed the addition of footprints, cut marks, and additional blood splatter. You might get some blood on your weapon when attacking others, or see the whip marks or bruises if you get hit.

Players may now buff other players and themselves using a variety of musical instruments. Some groups may want to have a dedicated war drummer playing as they enter battle. Others may want to blow the bone horn in order to reduce their thirst.

A crest tutorial has been added so that beginner players can fully understand how the systems of decay, crest decay, totems, and crests work. Players also now have the ability to mute other players selectively in the chat.

We also fixed some major exploits recently brought to our attention. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

Going forward we will be further fixing bugs and exploits found. We are now working on fishing, kicking, the rest of the hacker reporting system, and some further server configuration options. We expect the next update will take 3 weeks, so expect another wipe to be possible then.


- New Signs: Small Iron Signpost, Medium Sticks Signpost, Small Wood Hanging Sign, Small Iron Hanging Sign, Medium Iron Hanging Sign, Large Wood Billboard, Wood Picture Frame, and Iron Picture Frame
- Added Decal System: Blood pools, slices and bruises on characters, blood on weapons, resource gathering and footprints
- Particles added for walking on sand, clay and dirt
- Bloom effect more prevalent
- Tweaked tree billboards to more accurately represent their model counterparts
- Added additional high quality shadow setting
- Added Buff System for instruments
- Added Announcement button
- Invitations will now show up in the announcement feed
- Added crest tutorial
- The ping system now assumes that a missed ping is average until received, and may 'forgive' the anomalous ping if previous results were reliable.
- Players will now be warned about a server's ping limit when within 35% of the maximum
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" can now manipulate their GUI with the "/menu" and "/hud" commands.
- You can now mute players' chat and voice locally.
- You can now see a list of players in the logout(esc) menu with buttons to mute.
- Clicking players' names in the logout(esc) menu will open a context popup menu with actions such as "Copy Name", "Report", "Mute Chat", and "Mute Voice".
- Right-Clicking a message in the chat console opens a context popup menu with actions to "Copy Message" and if the message was from a player, "Copy Name", "Report", "Mute Chat", and "Mute Voice".
- Administrators get additional buttons to mute chat and voice globally. This means they are muted on the server and nobody will be able to hear them speak.
- Administrators also get additional buttons to kick and ban players. Note that this cannot possibly be abused by non-admin players even if they somehow enabled the ban and kick buttons. This is because the kick, ban and global mute buttons are just quick ways to enter the /kick, /ban, or /mute commands.
- A new /mute command has been added. Type /help mute for help with the mute command.
- You can now see every player's ping in the logout(esc) menu beside their names.
- The server name and greeting message now display in the logout(esc) menu.
- Administrators or any players who have the '' permission will be able to chat with color tags.
EX: [FFFF00]My chat is yellow![-]


- Captured sleepers can be released by holding down the fire button
- Captured sleepers won't sometimes freeze
- Many material improvements throughout the world. Including weapons and props.
- Collider improvements on rocks
- Terrain heightmap and splatmap improvements
- Pressing the Enter or Return key on the direct connection fields of the lobby will submit the connection as in previous versions.
- Inventory and Guild menus now have proper key binds, so that they can be re-bound.
- Added maximum counter weight container to Trebuchet
- Doors should be less violent when the player is inside the collider
- Ballista sound now matches the animation better
- Setting up trebuchet stage now has audio
- Poolable objects can be picked up once despawned
- Blocks will no longer be collected when right clicking with the repair hammer


- All graphics quality defaults adjusted to perform better / look better, can still be manually adjusted to preference
- Small optimizations to forest spawning
- Sun flare effect has optional low quality mode
- Ambient and direct light rendering model changed slightly to support decals and improve the look of low quality settings

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some bugs in the permissions system, specifically with the permission commands.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent a popup from showing when you were disconnected.
- Fixed a bug where the Server Console would get stuck if a server failed to connect to steam to check for an update.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the ConsoleSetting.cfg to get overwritten if it was changed in the OnPreUpdate.bat script.
- Fixed a bug where you could be forced off drum when someone else dies
- Potential fix for ambient sounds and rain sounds cutting out unexpectedly
- Hopefully eliminate loot sack bouncing
- Crossbow wont eat ammo when switching
- Fixed weirdness with ballistas causing damage for each client in some cases
- Fixed an issue with crests not having the correct light color from totems
- Fixed an issue with the crests eating a stack of 7 wood

Design Changes:

- Bent Horn (Sonnet of Protection) 10 sec - +30% Defense 40 sec
- Bone Horn (Ballad of Subsistence) 20 sec - 30% Less Consumption of Food & Water 10 mins
- Long Horn (Sonnet of War) 20 sec - 25% Attack Damage 30 sec
- Dejembe Drum (Rhythm of Invigoration) 10 sec - x4 Health Regen 15 sec
- War Drums (Beating Heart of Resolution) 20 sec - x2 Stamina Regeneration 30 sec
- All weapons have been further balanced with unique values for, “pain duration”, “feign duration”, “collision duration” and “collision block duration”.
- In order for a block to be successful, the defending player must now be parrying their sword while the attacker is in the "swing" phase of his attack. Previously, it was possible to block an attack if it was in the "buildup" phase.
- It is now possible to block attacks made against other players if you are close enough to the attacker's sword and react quickly enough.
- Increased the blocking angle of tower shields from 50 to 60 degrees, as to better match the visible geometry of the shield. In other words, when the attacker's weapon is within 60 degrees of the center of the screen, it can be blocked, whereas previously it needed to be within 50 degrees.
- Trebuchet Stones do 1500 damage (was 900).
- Trebuchet Stones are crafted from 2 stone slabs (was 1).
- Trebuchet can only fire 1 stone at a time (was 10).
- Trebuchets firing distances have been tweaked.
- Trebuchet max firing range has been reduced, can now only hold 30 stone counter weight. (New fire range is about half way across Crown land map)
- Repair hammer does much less repairing when area being repaired is under siege
- Lowered the crest light range and made the torch fire audio quieter
- Drawbridge can no longer be lock picked.

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 19)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: August 13th, 2015

For this update, the team has focused on fixing many exploits, bug fixes, and added many features requested by the community. This update requires a wipe on all official and community servers.

Players may craft totems which can then be consumed by their guild crest in order to grant it a period of invulnerability. A protected crest will have blue flames, an unprotected crest has the standard orange flames. Crests cannot have invulnerability when conquering. Crest invulnerability on a crest will remove if it is picked up. Crest Protection will not stop someone from raiding your base, but it can stop them from simply destroying your crest, placing their crest, then deleting your entire base if you protect your crest using totems. Please keep in mind, this feature may under-go balance or further design changes in the future.

Crests and objects will still undergo decay, but that is a separate system added previously. Players will still have to add wood into their crest to stop them from decaying and protect their crest area from decaying, but the wood is now consumed upon entering the crest.

We also changed the block collapse system to be require blocks to be connected face to face. This means no more unsightly, poor performance inducing checker patterned walls seen everywhere. The higher tiers of blocks are also now about 25% cheaper to craft.

The ping detector has also been added in. Half of the official servers have it turned on. You will notice in the lobby screen under the ping column which servers have it turned off, and which have it turned on. If you have trouble staying connected to a ping-detected server, you will need to play on servers without ping detection turned on. Servers with this option turned on, will detect your average ping over-time, and kick you from the server if your ping is over the average limit (150ms on official servers currently). You can enable this and edit it on your community servers via the config file.

We also fixed 5 major exploits recently brought to our attention. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game game perma-banned.

Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:

Going forward we will be monitoring this update, and further fixing bugs and newly reported exploits. We are working on a buff system for the musical instruments, an hacker reporting system, a decal system for more realistic gore and harvesting visuals, better server console, and more.


- Totems can now be added to crest making crest invulnerable for a set amount of time.
- Crests will have blue fire when they are protected.
- Totems will remove from a crest when it is picked up.
- Crests invulnerability will not work when a crest is in the conquering stage.
- Improved the appearance of water visuals.
- You can now collect water and swim in rivers
- Swimming animation added
- Player pings are now recorded by the server, and can be used by ping-limited servers.
- Servers can now enable a ping limit.
- Servers can define a ping limit in milliseconds.
- Servers can define a port for ping communications.
- Servers can define the length of time that a player's ping is averaged over.
- Players may be granted the permission "", which omits the player from ping-based kicks.
- Administrators using the wildcard permission "*" are omitted from ping-based kicks.
- The lobby now returns a different data record for ping-limited servers.
- Old versions of ROK will not see ping-limited servers.
- New versions of ROK will still see all servers.
- The lobby now displays ping-limited servers with a unique icon.
- The lobby now displays a ping limit in the ping column for relevant servers.
- The lobby now displays a warning when connecting to a ping-limited server where your ping is either undefined or near the limit.


- 5 Major Exploit Fixes
- Blocks must now connect face-to-face, not corner-to-corner, to be considered attached and not collapse.
- Increased no build zone size around throne room on both maps
- Increased no build zone for prefabs only on CrownLand (roughly anywhere under/around the throne room)
- Dialogues with an input field will now automatically select the end of the input field when they open.
- Opening the console with the "/" key will no longer place the caret to the left of the slash.
- Throwable items, blocks, etc... can now be unequipped by pressing their hotbar key again.
- Sleepers have friction and don't slide around.
- Rope can break when strained by wrapping around objects
- Re-added missing "Log Fence" blueprint to Work Bench.
- Removed security warning when picking up crest
- You must now collect all the stone from a Trebuchet before it can be picked up
- Players banished from a guild will receive a banishment notice
- Can repair invincible objects
- Damage counter for invincible objects doesn't show as damage done
- Increased distant terrain detail on higher settings
- Removed visible lake bottom edge on Crownland
- Resource nodes on StormWall scaled to normal size, reduced hay texture on bottoms
- Blocks now collapse properly if door holding them is destroyed


- Water has better handling of close draw distances
- Optimizations in the networked event code.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some code that may be the cause of the multiple character and camera switching bug
- Fixed a bug in the networked events that may have caused unexpected behavior.
- Made some changes to Server.exe to help servers restart automatically if a server crashes.
- Fixed bug with Loot sacks falling through the terrain
- Destroying/Picking up a seat that someone is sitting on won't permanently lock them
- Fixed issue while spamming name change button
- Interaction prompts won't flicker.
- Fixed bug where some attacks could penetrate through blocks.
- Potential fix for being stuck on foliage loading screen
- Fixed specular artifacts on Tribal Mask
- Fixed Crownland swamp's water collection, mud is less shiny

Design Changes:

- Shields had block angle & block look speed values tweaked
- Crests will now consume wood/stick fuel as soon as it is added to the crest.
- The crafting cost of blocks above tier three have been reduced by 25%
- Crests now under root category “Area Protection”.
- Increased the time window in which attacks are blockable to include the latter half of the attack's "buildup" phase.

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 18)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: August 4th, 2015

This update features some major new things such as shields and throwing axes, it also hopefully adds better performance and less crashes. This update will require a wipe on both official and community servers.

We've added 9 different shields into the game separated by 3 different types. Shields are a unique way of protecting yourself. The Buckler shield is more nimble, cheaper, but offers less protection. The Heater is in bet-ween, while the Tower Shield is the largest shield in the game and is very heavy to control.

There will still need to be balancing and tweaking needed, but we look forward to seeing how shields are on live servers in different combat situations.

Throwing axes are very damaging, however, they throw at an arc and are harder to aim. High risk, high reward style of throwing weapon. They are also useful for targeting people behind tall walls.

Aside from the new items, there were major changes made to the back-end of the game regarding the interaction systems and inventory systems. These should result in better performance and a much more stable playing experience.

We also fixed some exploits brought to our attention. However, this is an ongoing effort. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, please read this thread.

Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

The server console also now supports automatic updating.

We are working on Ping Detector (auto-kick based on average ping option), a buff system for the musical instruments, an hacker reporting system, guild crest protection totems, better server console, and more. These systems were not quite ready in time for this update due to the extra work needed on finishing the shield system and the major work to hopefully fix the crashing issue on Stormwall, so they will have to wait until the next update.


- Wood Buckler Shield
- Wood Heater Shield
- Wood Tower Shield
- Iron Buckler Shield
- Iron Heater Shield
- Iron Tower Shield
- Steel Buckler Shield
- Steel Heater Shield
- Steel Tower Shield
- Stone Throwing Axe
- Iron Throwing Axe
- Iron Throwing Battle Axe
- Steel Throwing Battle Axe
- Added a second hit reaction animation
-The jump animation alternates feet when jumping repeatedly.
- Added new loading screen wallpaper
- Can dual hold torches
- Can hold torch with a one handed weapon


- Fixed different exploits
- Player Interaction redesign and re-write (fix for lag/crash on populated servers, general performance gain)
- Fix for floating beds that are deleted retaining their saved spawn points
- Characters minimum Height and Arm Length increased by ~30%
- Reduced Plague Village knock-back
- The user interface has been converted to 2D physics, removing the physics relationship between it and the world.
- Players will no longer receive a message that they were murdered by themselves through acts like drowning, starving, etc...
- The base speed reduction from an equipped shield now shows on the armor menu.
- Items can no longer be traded from a station output to your inventory, only collected or merged.
- The input slider seen on the crafting menu is now more predictable while dragging.
- The input slider seen on the crafting menu can now be text-edited more than once per play.
- Crest boundaries fade out after 100 meters, no longer see crest boundaries in the sky
- Extra checks for floating structures


- Performance gains on using inventory system
- Performance gains in highly populated areas
- Gamer and Advanced default settings lowered
- Water shader fades out better at view distance
- View distance setting minimum lowered to 500m

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed bug allowing prefabs to be placed in the air
- Fixed throwing/equipping sounds with projectiles
- Crest security should now be set properly
- The lockpicking sounds will not repeat forever when trying to pick a player
- Cannot place floating beds
- Jumping is no longer silent
- Steel vest armor won't stretch when arms are cut

Design Changes:

- Assign your shields like you would weapons to your hot key slots, and then swap in and out your shields/torches via the 1-9 hotkeys
- Shields may block melee attacks using similar mechanics to parrying. The main difference is that shields can be held up indefinitely provided that your character has enough stamina.
- Arrows and other projectiles are blocked by shields if the projectile collides with it.
- Projectiles will stick to shields when they are blocked.
- While in first person, shields partially fade when they are raised as to not give an advantage to players who prefer third person.
- Updated loot tables, added new armor and weapons to drops.
- Player only start with 1 torch.
- Torch & candle are no longer consumable and are no longer stack.
- Candle now takes 1 iron ingots & 30 fat to craft (was 3).
- Torch now takes 50 wood (was 10) & 10 flax to craft (was 1).
- Iron floor torch now fueled by wood & sticks (was oil).
- Iron dagger now requires iron ingot in crafting (was iron).

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 17)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: July 10th, 2015

The update were releasing, were addressing many issues and exploits brought up by the community, as well, a few small new features. This update will require a wipe on both official and community servers due to core changes to the guild crest system and ownership systems.

We've added a the ability for players to change their guild crest security settings. This allows players to determine whether family, guild members, or just themselves can pick up their objects within their crest area. Trebuchets also now have an additional lever to further change the shots trajectory. A new rotation placement system was also added for prefabs, stairs, and ramps. Players can turn off this rotation placement system if they prefer the old auto-system in the settings screen.

There were fixes on certain exploits, and hopefully it is more stable now due to the Unity5.1 upgrade which included many fixes for PhysX. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, please read this thread:

Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

The server console also now supports automatic updating. Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:

ROK Server Update Changelog
A Guide for Reign Of Kings
By: Tagette (Tristan)
A per-version guide on anything you need to know when updating server versions.
Link to this here.

We are working on Shields, Ping Detector (auto-kick based on average ping option), Throwing Axes, and an hacker reporting system. These systems were not quite ready in time for this update due to the focus on exploit prevention and the upgrade to Unity5.1, so they will have to wait until the next update. The work is coming really well, we now have a buckler shield working in the game, however there is still much design & balancing tweaks needed, and the integration of the rest of the shields into the game (buckler, heater, tower, at different tiers). We share a few screenshots below, but please keep in mind these are indev shots:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


- Crests now have security settings which determine the status players must have in order to pickup objects in crest zones. This gives players more control over who is allowed to do what within their guild crest area.
- Added a new lever to the Trebuchet which allows changing of the trajectory.
- Implemented new Rotation System to aid in placing prefabs and ramps/stairs
- Rotation Keys can be rebound
- Block Rotation Hints can be disabled in Options
- You can switch to the Legacy rotation mode in Options
- Server console now supports automatic updating.
- Server.exe is able download all of the necessary files to run a server.
- A new Dedicated server app was created to download the build with anonymous login. The app id is 381690.


- Block system will not save/serialize floating structures and objects
- Floating prefabs will not be saved
- Players who are released from capture while in a constrained space will now hit their heads and die
- Fixed a number of exploits
- Sleepers make less squishy noises when hit
- Lord's Bath can now be entered.
- Lobby menu will now sort remaining selections when disabling a column sort.
- Added translation keys to most dialogues and generated UI text.
- Sawmill now shows a cool blue fuel bar, instead of the fiery red.
- Inventory has received multiple minor performance improvements.
- Re-added a message when players are banished from a guild
- Owners can now collect doors & gates with Q


- Logging out process majorly optimized instead of taking upwards of 10 seconds in very built out worlds
- Small garbage collection optimizations in the network syncing system.

Bug Fixes:

- Potential PhysX fix for crashing on populated Stormwall servers near the throne room, upgraded to Unity 5.1
- Ducks don't make a clank sound upon impact
- Armor should now properly cast shadows
- Fixed audio issues with station upgrading
- Additional bug fixes related to the 5.1.1 upgrade
- Crests near map origin should have their boarders now display correctly
- A minor sound issue fixed for lockpicking
- Made the repair hammer and crest areas not show up in screen shot mode
- Shrunk iron reinforced door colliders slightly to allow players to walk through doors placed close together
- Doors will no longer ignore incoming state switches if currently animating
- Fixed an issue with poolables and health not being reset properly
- Fixed a bug in the unloading screen where the user would get stuck in the screen.

Design Changes: - As requested by the community, Ancient Sword damage is now 19 (normal swing) was 20. This brings it just a notch above the Executioners Axe & Steel Battle War Hammer which do 18 damage.

Thanks for Playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 16)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: June 25th, 2015

We've decided to release the update a little sooner than expected. It is a smaller update as a result, but we managed to fix some exploits and performance concerns and wanted to push it as soon as possible. We don't think a wipe is required this time.

This update contains some new additions to the new map, and some changes to it as well. We've changed many of the rocks and their colliders for performance and visual reasons, and made additional alterations to the river bed and vegetation. The armor section now shows your total defenses to make it easier for you to gauge your characters stats. We've also released the Steam Trading Cards out into the wild, our concept artist really enjoyed working on them.

There were fixes on certain exploits, and additional optimizations. Blocks and pages should load in much more smoothly as a result now, and many server side memory leaks were fixed.

Please remember that any hackers caught will have their RoK Steam account perma-banned.

Going forward, we are working on Shields, Throwing Axes, and an hacker reporting system. These systems were not quite ready in time for this update due to our main focus on exploit prevention and optimization, so they will have to wait until the next update which we hope will be two weeks from now. The work is coming well on shields, but it is indeed a much more complex system then we originally anticipated. But they are coming well, and were finally at a stage where we are integrating art, and ensuring all of our other systems properly work on the hot bar with this new system. Then will come an extended period of in-house QA, balance testing, and design integration as shields change the gameplay equation a fair bit.


- Release of Steam Trading Cards, have fun collecting them all!
- Added insect particle effects to the new map
- Added new type of high altitude coniferous tree to new map
- The armor menu now displays your total defenses per body region, including averages and movement penalties.
- Item categories (as seen in the manuscripts) will now grey out when minimized, properly maximize, and indent to clarify a sub-category.


- Exploit fixes.
- Ropes collide with stuff better
- Ropes have smoother physics
- Rocks on new map are updated and have better colliders
- Minor heightmap changes on new map to river regions
- Improved and adjusted syncing behaviour for ragdolls.
- Improved ragdoll stability by limiting how quickly each body part can move relative to the ragdoll overall.
- Most menus / user interfaces will now refresh when the window is resized to avoid that blurry experience.
- Players can no longer trade items with a production station's output slots.
- Loot sacks have rejoined the physical world and now absorb the contents of sacks that fall upon them.
- Auto run now breaks from forward / backward input and emotes.
- Lobby type now sorts the proper column.
- Lobby version now sorts integers as a numeric value, instead of their alphabetic value.


- Tree and grass unloading smoother to reduce frame drops
- Block loading smoothed out to reduce frame drops
- Expensive block trim shadows removed for performance
- Reduced the number of prefabs that are placed underwater
- Reduced dedicated server overhead from interactions, input, and UI.

Bug Fixes:

- Fix on audio priority where fires would drown out other audio sources
- Found and fixed various memory leaks with servers
- Fixed issue with crests not upgrading properly
- Trebuchets are no longer invincible and will take normal damage again
- Crest sieging should now be functioning as intended in which you cannot build while your crest area is under siege
- Issues fixed with ballista's and using initial ammo
- The loading screen now waits for the paging system to fully finish loading
- Fixed a bug that would prevent an admin from shutting the server down fully from in-game. It would restart the server instead. Now it shuts down and closes the server console properly.
- Removed some semi-spamming logs from the server console.
- Fixed a bug where the server console would not use the value in ConsoleSettings.cfg for connectionTimeout after the server has started.
- Fix for mossy rocks having flickering textures
- Fix for respawning with 0 hydration when the server restarts while a player is dead.
- Players gathering from the same water source will no longer experience an awkward sharing of interaction prompts.
- Loot sacks will no longer spin wildly.

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 15)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: June 13th, 2015

We are now restarting & wiping official servers and processing update. This will take about an hour to complete. Community servers will also need to be wiped with this update because of a deep rooted bug in the saving system that has been fixed to prevent random character resets.

This update contains many new features, design changes, and bug fixes. Official servers have been wiped, and unfortunately community servers will need to be wiped as well in order to fix a bad bug we've had with random character resets after log out being fixed (any server that experienced this has to be wiped to fix it). We've added many new features, such as a new map, a block collapsing system, Drawbridge, Tabard, Masks, Bone Longbow, new animals, and new weapons. Unless there is a problem, we do not plan not to wipe servers until our next update (2-3 weeks away).

This update contains the new block collapsing system. When someone builds a skybridge for example, if someone destroys the blocks on each end, the entire bridge will collapse. Basically any structure that is no longer in contact with the ground will collapse. You can still have a sky fort held up by one pillar, but you risk a player destroying that pillar collapsing your sky base. Players will not be able to delete blocks that would cause a collapse while in build mode, this is to prevent frustration. Meaning, building collapses can only be triggered by destroying blocks. Any objects in the building collapse will also remove and place their contents in look bags.

Trebuchets now must also be unpacked before use. This prevents people from "pocket trebbing" someones base in a few minutes.

All the melee weapons undergone major design changes. They will feel different in weight and feeling, scroll down is a slower, stronger, overhand attack, scroll up is a faster, farther reaching, less damage attack, as well as every weapons has had their damage values changed, but this list would be too long to post.

We've fixed a major memory leak with this update. As well, many known exploits were also fixed in this update.

Reign of Kings uses EAC. Any hackers caught will have their Steam account perma-banned. EAC will now also properly detect certain hacks on Win 8 computers.

Servers can now choose between playing on the new or on the old map. Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:

Going forward, we look forward to fixing bugs discovered from this update. We are still hard at work on the shields, they weren't quite ready in time for this update. But the work is coming well. As well, we are working on a new hacker reporting system in which player reports will be much easier to handle, and the server will use a suspicion system to back up the reports so players don't abuse the system, this system will hopefully give players control to ban any hackers that slip by our latest protection. Throwing axes are also in the works, and we plan to further polish this new map.


- New map "Stormwall". This map is roughly 1.6x bigger than the last map, it has been designed with siege warfare in mind. Players will now have to completely build around the throne in order to protect it. We feel this map gives a very different feel from the current one.
- New song
- New loading screen wallpaper
- 3D Tileset system prevents building floating bases
- When blocks are destroyed, any unsupported blocks will collapse, as well as any placed objects on the blocks
- Destroyed containers drop their contents into loot sack (Collapsing buildings will give you all the loot!)
- Added wearable Tabard - shows your guild emblem and color, can be worn over any armor
- Added jumping animation
- Flying animals now spawn in the world again (seagulls, bats, pigeons)
-Added Crab to the game
- Added several Masks to the game
- Added Plague Doctor Helmet which reduces Plague damage by 75%
-Added Defensive Barricade
-Added Wooden Ledge
-Added Log Fence
-Added Wood Drawbridge
- Added in Bone Long Bow
- Added Executioners Axe
- Added Iron Dagger
- Crests are now upgradable no longer requiring a replace
- Haybale trebuchet ammo added
- Carrot & Cabbages now a gather-able item.
- Three types of dead harvest-able trees added to game.
- More variety of collectable rocks added.


- Trebuchets must now fully unpack before you can use them. This prevents people from "pocket trebbing" someones base in a few minutes.
- Reduced hostile creature knock-back on attacks
- Can no longer place crests under water
- Increased maximum draw distance can change this in the settings screen
- Grass can now be disabled in settings for framerate increases
- 3D Tileset particle effects pooled for performance
- Water shaders improved
- 2 lights can cast shadows at a time (up from 1)
- The Ancient Throne is now a tiny bit more shiny.
- Added an auto-run key bind.
- Custom key binds have been reset.
- Station upgrades can now be cancelled, should you feel the need.
- Explosions should no longer: be square, kill players through walls, fail to damage objects when an entity escapes the blast radius.
- Item icons now position correctly when the same type or quantity are removed and added successively.
- Crafting stations are less likely to withhold items from players.
- The Granary and Well will now pinch more pennies for the king when paged out / in.
- The 'Censor Blood' option now disables violent loading screens.
- Siege ammunition can no longer be equipped to your hotbar.
- A simple message will display deaths / kills between the involved players. This will give better insight for our future reporting system.
- The lobby now shows what game type the server is running.
- The lobby now favors refreshing from a list of faster mirror servers.
- Selecting a 'History' versioned server in the lobby will notify players that entering a password is optional.
- Removed the 'Reload' and 'Special' key binds.
- New server console that starts and monitors it's server and restarts it if it freezes. (Server.exe)
- Added a /ping command.
- Added multi-level support to the server config files.
- Removed the Game Mode config value because it was not actually used.
- Fixed a bug that would ignore the server fps cap.
- Added a config option to adjust the server fps cap. (Higher fps caps will consume more cpu power)
- Previous saves are no longer compatible with the current version.
- Optimized the /build command so the server does not instantly crash if you use it. It is still recommended to not use a radius bigger then 100.
- Added a maze shape to the /build command - EX: /build maze 11
- Added a ball shape to the /build command - EX: /build ball 11
- Added a box shape to the /build command - EX: /build box 11


- When there's a lot of lights around, lights further away will have a reduced emissive range using our new light LOD system
- Forest / grass spawning creates less stutters
- Did a lot of optimizations on the logging.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some bugs related to characters being reset or their inventory being reset after log in.
- Logging in and out 200 MB at time memory leak fixed
- Fix the sleeper and player falling through blocks on log out
- Fix an issue with paging where blocks could be consistently removed if non-existent block id was present
- Sign painting color preview accurate to actual paint color
- Face Bashing animation animates legs properly
- Fixed water gathering sound only playing once
- Oxygen levels are now saved/loaded on logout/login
- Spam clicking a weapon while waving doesn't make woosh sounds
- Can no longer remove your own blocks while captured
- Can no longer remove blocks while drumming or while sitting
- Can no longer spam throwing weapons by switching quickly
- Fixed bug where creatures killed on some surfaces would spin
- Fixed exploit where you could jump off your own torches (or candles)
- Patched more Kings Head hole exploits on small map
- Doors now have large colliders to prevent certain exploits
- If logout to far above the terrain or going to fast in the -y the player is killed to fix sleeper fall damage exploit
- Fixed an exploit with showing name tags.
- Character customization won't happen at origin
- Fixed some major bugs with the /permission command. It can now be used again.
- Fixed some bugs related to steam authentication.
- Fixed some bugs that made the screen black and made it impossible to logout.

Design Changes:

- All melee weapons where rebalanced. Overhand swings do more damage and take longer. Jabs are faster, have greater reach but do less damage.

Stamina use between weapons types, blocking and feigning has be updated.
- Player now gathers 3 water at a time instead of 1.
- Resource nodes now spawn 250 resource instead of 100.
- Ramps and stairs now take the same salvage damage as blocks.

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 14)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: May 28th, 2015

This update contains many new features, design changes, and bug fixes. Official servers have been wiped, and we would recommend wiping your community servers if you experience any issues with loading your saves. We've added many new features, such as a decay system, traps, paintable signs, and new weapons. We hope to not wipe the servers for about 2 weeks after this update, but this still depends on how the decay system & paintable signs perform.

This update contains the new decay system and siege defense system. The decay system will make any buildings/objects placed decay and delete after 4 real-life days unless they are protected by a guild crest. Guild crests now also have fuel, and will run out of fuel after 4 days and then remove themselves, so players will have to put 1 wood in their guild crest every 4 days to keep it up, or 1 wood to fuel and and another wood in spare to keep it up for 8 days. So if you leave your base with a guild crest that is fully fueled (1 wood), and you put an extra wood in holding (1 wood), then it will be 8 real life days for the crest to remove, and another 4 real life days for the base to remove. Community servers may turn the decay system off in their config file. We will continue to balance the time lines depending on how the servers function over time, the main point of this is to try extend time between wipes, and clean up the land of ghost towns.

There also a system in place for siege defense that will not allow you to build for 5 minutes if your crest area is under siege by a Trebuchet. This way players will have to repair their blocks if there caught in the middle of a siege and not just toss up walls instantly. This can also be turned off in the config settings.

Players may now also use an array of different traps, these are handy for protecting your base while you are off the server. Traps may only be placed in your crest area, this is to prevent griefing and encourage base defense. You may also now paint signs and breath more life into the land through your creations. Some of the new weapons include throwing knives, massive warhammers, and morning star maces. We also made some design changes to improve the projectile weapons damage to make ranged combat more viable. Players may also capture sleepers again. Salvage damage was also increased a lot, so make sure to protect your bases with a guild crest!

We've also released full EAC functionality for your community servers. Any hackers caught will have their Steam account perma-banned.

Going forward, we look forward to fixing bugs discovered from this update, working on further anti-cheat systems such as a better hacker report system to allow the community more control over banning offenders during gameplay, and are working on Shields and the ability to hold a torch while still holding a sword. We are also planning to do some major design changes across all the melee weapons so they will feel different in weight and feeling and have better balance/playstyles between them. We are also making it so Trebuchets have to unpack after being placed to prevent players from throwing them down instantly.


- Decay system. Objects and blocks will decay over 4 real-life days from being placed if not in guild crest area. Guild crests now take fuel (1 wood) in order to survive 4 days, if you fuel it up and put in an extra wood in holding, you can have up to 8 days. When a guild crest runs out of fuel it is removed. Your first guild crest placement comes with full fuel (so by adding 1 wood in holding you get 8 days out of it).
- Crest areas under siege by Trebuchet will not allow blocks to be built for 5 minutes
- Added a system that only allows new players to join a server every 10 seconds to keep the stress on the server to a minimum. Players will be placed in the queue until they can be joined.
- Added motion blur, optional "Cinematic" setting for emphasized motion blur, it can turned off in settings
- Added 3 different paintable signs, can be chiseled as well for engraved designs
- Wooden Barricade (damages players and animals on contact)
- Wooden Spikes (damages players and animals on contact)
- Iron Spikes (damages players and animals on contact)
- Iron Spikes (Hidden) (damages players and animals on contact, spikes shoot out from ground, and then retract)
- Iron Bear Trap (damages players and animals on contact, attaches to player, player must look down and hold "E" to escape)
- Bladed Pillar (damages players and animals on contact)
- Added Iron War Hammer
- Added Iron Battle War Hammer
- Added Steel Battle War Hammer
- Added Iron Morning Star Mace
- Added Steel Morning Star Mace.
- Added Stone Throwing Knife
- Added Iron Throwing Knife
- Added Steel Throwing Knife
- Added a language localization system where phrases are loaded from a customizable language file.
- Added a language selection menu to import and switch between language files.
- Static GUI text and tooltips may be translated.
- Item names and descriptions may be translated.


- Added prompt in for placing a guild crest too far above the terrain
- Message for blocks when they cannot be picked up
- Can no longer pickup blocks in areas of which you are not family or do not own
- Made interaction disable in orbit camera.
- Added and corrected interaction states (occupied, locked, etc. only show when appropriate)
- Sleepers can be captured again
- Captured sleepers won't do weird things when moved from far away
- Captured sleepers fit in cages properly
- Captured players can't wiggle slightly by using movement keys
- Security and collection prompts only show when available to be used
- Trees prevented from respawning after server restart, don't regrow in bases
- Trees shouldn't launch players far into the air
- Slight tree rendering optimizations
- EAC bans count for permanent bans on ROK servers, not just a day
- The mouse will no longer anchor itself to any point on the screen while Reign of Kings is out of focus.
- The Ancient Crown can no longer be equipped by peasants when double-clicking.
- Loading and progress bars are now brighter.
- The lobby menu now has a scrollbar.
- The last server on the lobby menu can now be scrolled to by all available scrolling methods.
- The previous server highlight has been minimized to avoid mental connections between the highlighted server and the Connect button in the bottom right of the lobby menu.
- The connection IP / Port fields at the bottom of the lobby menu now saves their previous input.
- Servers found in your lobby history will be loaded with minimal information when they are not online.
- Right-clicking a server in the lobby now provides additional options to ping or remove the server from your history.
- The lobby's ping sort is now less aggressive.
- Players using ping sort will no longer connect to a random server if the menu shifts during the connection dialogue.
- Feet animate more closely along slopes
- Cube interaction gizmos are more polished
- Made it so if a server is still loading it places any players who have connected in the queue until the server is finished loading. Previously this would just disconnect the player.

Bug Fixes:

- Items that can only be crafted at stations may now be cancelled when re-visiting the station.
- Tooltips will no longer stick to the screen when a menu is closed with a tip open.
- Progress bars will no longer stick to the screen when disconnected from a server mid-progress.
- Stations will now properly break interaction when you move too far from them.
- The once bogus item 'Sack' is now a non-expirable version of 'Loot Sack'.
- The Loot Sack is now immune to siege and salvage damage.
- The Loot Sack now takes damage from melee weapons, in addition to ranged.
- Removed Lantern, Hair, and Naked armor from the list of in-game items.
- Moved various give-able items out of the Test category and into the Unobtainable category.
- Javelins and Knives should not be able to be thrown through blocks
- Fixed furniture owner being incorrect after paging
- Fixed some config files being created for clients that were only meant for the server.
- Fixed a bug in the serialization manager that could allow garbage save data to not be cleaned up.
- Weapons will not float for previously paged out players
- Trebuchet stones will now properly explode when hitting the terrain
- Fixed chests floating above the ground when placed
- Changed seating to reduce clipping while holding certain weapons
- Destroying a chair properly releases someone sitting on it
- Fixed audio on doors/gates
- Updated Colliders on Kings Sword bridge

Design Changes:

- Projectile update:
- Throwing Stone now cost 3 stone was 5.
- Wood javelin damage now 5 was 8.
- Iron javelin damage now 12 was 10.
- Steel javelin damage now 15 was 11.
- Iron arrow damage now 12 was 10.
- Steel arrow damage now 15 was 11.
- Steel bolt damage now 15 was 13 (11 in description by mistake).
- Armor update:
- Leather armor had piercing protection (for all 3 hit areas) reduced to 1 was 2.
- Iron armor had piercing protection (for all 3 hit areas) reduced to 2 was 3.
- Iron armor has slash protection (for all 3 hit areas) increased to 4 was 3.
- Steel armor had piercing protection (for all 3 hit areas) reduced to 3 was 4.
- Steel armor has slash protection (for all 3 hit areas) increased to 5 was 4.
- Sod, Spruce Branches and Thatch block are now more susceptible to siege damage by 3 times.
- Trebuchets maximum ammo account raised to 10 was 5.
- Adding additional ammo to the Trebuchet now increases the damage correctly (was broken in last build)
- Flax plats will now give you 10 flax when gathering was 5.
- Lumber mill now creates 5 lumber instead of 2 while processing wood.
- All blocks now take 10 times more selvage damage for faster cleanup of derelict structures.
- Firepit, Campfire and Workbench lv1 now take 2 times more selvage damage.
- Campfire and Workbench now return 45% of the resources was 25% (default salvaging amount)
- Small and medium banners can now again be built off the player and had their resource requirement cut in half.
- Stone, Bone and Steel dagger now matches displayed information on tool tip.

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 13)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: May 7th, 2015
This update contains a number of fixes on some issues we were seeing since the major Unity5 engine change. Official servers have been wiped, and we recommend for community servers to also wipe after the update. We hope to have fixed a number of inventory related issues such as items mysteriously removing or being swapped randomly.

EAC has also updated today, and a number of hacks should no longer work. Do not hack or you risk having your account banned from using the game.

Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:

ROK Server Update Help
A Guide for Reign Of Kings
By: Tagette (Tristan)
A per-version guide on anything you need to know when updating server versions.

Looking to the future, we are working on a decay system, and are getting close to finishing it. But it did not make it in time for this update, it should hopefully allow us to extend the time between wipes. We also plan to start working on different traps (bear trap, spike traps, pressure plate spike trap), wooden drawbridge, Massive War Hammers, Heavy Morningstar Maces, and more. Alongside further bug fixes and hack prevention. We plan to resume our 2-3 week update cycle.


- Added small Falling Leaf particles when chopping trees


- Player skin is about 50% brighter (now more similar to Alpha 11)
- Ambient light from ground more dynamic
- Bloom effect a bit more common
- Some specular highlights will have bloom now
- Night made a bit darker

Bug Fixes:

- Potential fixes for inventory items disappearing or swapping.
- The item cache can now be saved after a player disconnects.
- Items inserted into an occupied cache slot will now take the next available slot.
- Items De-serialized with a cache hit as the wrong type or quantity will be reconstructed.
- Removed underwater air pocket in lake
- Fixed a bug that would spam "Server is restarting..." if a server fails to shut down.
- Potential fix for players getting launched by trees
- Ballista retains it's last aim direction when you begin aiming
- Ground Torches and Low Quality Tables fixed to have batch size of 1
- Fixed interact range on Ancient Crown Pedestal
- Swamp Ambient sounds should stop playing sooner after leaving the biome
- Wind sounds shouldn't cut off as harshly
- Chickens killed in distant pages won't become giants
- Dejembe Drum can no longer be placed on walls/ceilings fixing an exploit
- Fixed a bug that would not allow player specific formats for name, chat or guild.
- Fixed dropped item sacks that wouldn't remove themselves after 10 minutes. All dropped item sacks should now remove after 10 minutes.

Design Changes:

- Ballista bolts now do 100 damage was 60.
- Trebuchet stones now do 900 damage was 500. Scaling of damage and radius of damage has also been better balanced when firing multiple trebuchet stones.
- Trebuchet explosion radius increases by up to 50% depending on ammunition quantity

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 12)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: May 1st, 2015

This weeks update contains some massive changes. Official servers have been wiped, and you will need to also wipe your community servers after the update due to extensive changes.

We've switched the engine to Unity5 from Unity4. This process took quite sometime, as many key areas changed such as rendering and physics. As a result, you should notice a number of performance improvements. The physics engine is now multi-threaded, and there are additional improvements to the rendering and rendering pipeline. Big bases should now also run much faster, and block LOD's should switch faster due to our own improvements.

We've also incorporated some more anti-hacking features such as fly detection and teleport detection. It is a config option that servers can turn on if they wish. The first ban waves were handed out as well this week, 377 hackers were banned from game via EAC for using a $13 dollar hack. Do not hack or you risk having your account banned from using the game.

Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server, as the save file location has changed:

This Link

We've also added a few new items, such as the Sawmill, Spinning Wheel, and various Costumes. The Sawmill is a new refining station require to turn wood into lumber. Costumes can be created at the Spinning Wheel along with the banners.

Going forward, we plan to work on fixing bugs discovered from this update, working on further anti-cheat systems, and will be working on a decay system for old bases/floating bases that sit dormant on server too long to help clean up servers and further push the time between wipes.


- Added New Loading Screen wallpaper
- Added Lumber Resource
- Added Sawmill (refines wood into lumber)
- Added Flower, Fern and Hay Armor costumes
- Added Spinning Wheel (used to create costumes, other cloth related items)
- Added hit particle effects/sound effects on all items
- Added Gather sounds to plants missing them
- Added terrain parallax mapping on higher settings
- Added Salvage system. Players can now salvage items outside of crest zones with normal weapons, the harvesting tools are the fastest at salvaging. Be sure to keep your items secure in crest zones


- Improved fog in Plague Village
- Sharper UI elements at lower resolutions (720p)
- Terrain material quality option added to settings
- Improved lighting effects
- Updated Plague Village model
- Damaged items now display when holding a Repair Hammer
- Character walking is more snappy, takes slightly longer to accelerate up to a full run.
- Applied smoothing to third person camera.
- Converted ragdolls to use Unity 5 Physics.
- Added optional hack detection systems for flying, teleporting and hovering characters. Can turn on in server config settings.
- Ramps and Stairs now have destruction particles like blocks
- Default lobby menu sorting is now Ping > Name.
- Sorting the lobby by player count now ignores the player limit.
- All items moved into and out of your inventory will now display a counter.
- Improvements to saving the identity of individual items.
- Items will no longer be duplicated when placed into distant containers.
- Empty item stacks now show in your inventory and can be destroyed without rituals.
- Removed the guest permission group since it is now redundant since players cannot play without being registered.
- Moved the save location into the Saves/ folder next to the server exe file. This save location can be configured in the Configuration/ServerSettings.cfg
- Added the option to change the steamAuthentication timeout. If your players are continuously getting the "Failed to authenticate steam" error try increasing this value.
- Improved the logging system for debugging purposes. (disabled by default)
- Added a permission to join a full server. 'codehatch.login.ignore.playerlimit'
- The server name, password, and max players can now be set while the server is running using the /config command. (This updates the values live)


- Greatly improved 3D tileset LOD changing performance
- New rendering pipeline used, less CPU render time as a result
- Rope performance/stability improvements.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a couple memory leaks on the server
- Characters no longer slide down slopes.
- Fixed rain sound pause
- Fixed invisible beach rocks
- Fixed skybox rip on lower draw distances
- Fixed a crash relating to projectiles and terrain
- Nonlocal players should now see blood when hit with a projectile
- Explosion particle effect for trebuchet more consistantly placed
- Can't shoot through items if really close now
- Lord's bed now properly allows you to respawn at it
- Fixed broken players due to capture while disabled because of paging
- Fixed no build zone in Ravens Treasure Tree
- Saving when you finish your First Character Creation is more robust
- Prefabs now face the proper direction when placing
- Well is no longer invincible
- Various audio tweaks/fixes
- God mode now works again for server admins

Design Changes:

- Due to community feedback, removed melee swing movement slowdown
- Blocks and prefab under 90% health cannot no longer be picked up. You will have to repair them first.
- You can no longer build blocks over destroyed block rubble
- Some armor sets (Steel & Iron) did not have proper defense value set on some peices. Should become more protective now.
- Repair Hammer now uses materials to repair and repairs items via swinging at it over time
- Siege weapons now shoot slower
- Made projectiles more consistent in what they hit
- Items held while aiming a ballista are now put away
- You can now only load up to 5 Trebuchet stones at a time in your Trebuchet, used to be infinite amount
- Charcoal is produced faster.
- Fire materials burn for 5 minutes, down from 15.
- Charcoal will now be produced by fires based on fuel, instead of input.
• Trebuchet Stone now siege damages for 500 was (1500)
• Ballista Bolt now siege damages for 60 was (500)
• Cobblestone block had HP increased to 6000 was (4500)
• Reinforced wood had HP increased to 9000 was (6000)
• Stone block had HP increased to 12000 was (9000)
• Iron Door had HP increased to 9000 was (6000)
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) had HP increased to 4500 was (3000)
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) trap had HP increased to 4500 was (3000)
• Reinforced Wood (Steel) had HP increased to 6000 was (4500)
• Stone Arch had HP increased to 12000 was (9000)
• Iron Gate had HP increased to 15000 was (12000)
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) had HP increased to 12000 was (9000)
• Iron Bar Window had HP increased to 9000 was (6000)
• Stone Slit Window had HP increased to 12000 was (9000)
• Iron Crest had HP increased to 3000 was (1000)
• Leather Crest had HP increased to 1500 was (500)
• Steel Crest had HP increased to 6000 was (2000)

• Lumber now replaces wood when crafting the following items:
o Reinforced Wood (Iron) blocks, ramps, stairs
o Steel Chest
o Large Gallows
o Small Gallows
o Deer Head Trophy
o Gazebo
o High Quality Bed
o High Quality Bench
o High Quality Cabinet
o Lord's Bed
o Lord's Large Chair
o Lord's Small Chair
o Medium Quality Bed
o Medium Quality Bench
o Medium Quality Bookcase
o Medium Quality Chair
o Medium Quality Dresser
o Medium Quality Stool
o Medium Quality Table
o Rocking Horse
o Siegeworks
o Ballista
o Trebuchet

Thanks for playing,
- The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 11)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: April 10th, 2015

This update contains some major back-end changes to help prevent hacking. We have integrated Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) with the game, and you will be required to install it before running the game. EAC will run in the background after you launch Reign of Kings, when you are done playing, EAC will stop running. We felt it was best to have a major anti-hacking solution on our side while we also work to prevent exploits and hacks on our end. We also included another layer of our own hack prevention in this update aside from EAC. You will now also be required to agree to our EULA before playing the game. We hope everyone understands that we are doing our best to prevent hacking, and we hope some of these solutions help out. We will continue to make this our top priority in the near future.

[Easy Anti-Cheat]

Do not risk hacking/exploiting the game, as this may result in your account being permanently banned through the EAC system. Bans will be delivered in waves, we will not elaborate on the exact timing.

  • If you are experiencing error "Please run from Reign of Kings.exe" - please try restarting windows to fix this.

For Community Servers: You will need to delete your permission file, don't worry, it will auto-generate when you restart your server. Otherwise users may experience problems with users connecting to your server (stuck on downloading characters). Please clear your permission file. The permission file is located under the Configuration folder next to your ROK.exe.

As with the last update - Due to the current anti-hacking layers, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

Looking forward to the next week, our main focus will once again be on hack prevention, and also on performance.

This update also includes many bug fixes, design changes, and some new features like a trap door & furniture. You can find the full list below.


-Added Trap Door
-Added Wooden Sword (training weapon), one damage per hit.
-Added Wood Stick (training weapon)), one damage per hit.
-New original song "Wings of Shelter" added to the game
-Added Woodworking Station (used to create furniture)
-Added 26 Furniture, List of Furniture Items:
-Low Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Low Quality Bench
-Low Quality Chair
-Low Quality Fence
-Low Quality Shelf
-Low Quality Stool
-Low Quality Table
-Medium Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Medium Quality Bench
-Medium Quality Bookcase (acts as a container)
-Medium Quality Chair
-Medium Quality Dresser (acts as a container)
-Medium Quality Stool
-Medium Quality Table
-High Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-High Quality Bench
-High Quality Cabinet (acts as a container)
-Lord's Bath
-Lord's Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Lord's Small Chair
-Lord's Large Chair
-Banquet Table
-Bear Skin Rug
-Deer Head Trophy
-Rocking Horse


- Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) integration. Needs to be installed before playing. Will run in background while playing Reign of Kings, and then automatically shut off when finished playing Reign of Kings.
- Lobby refresh feels more seamless.
- Lobby pings are no longer discarded on refresh.
- Lobby column sorting is now saved.
- Lobby ping sort now updates at regular intervals while pinging.
- The saved lobby list will now load immediately.
- Input fields are more responsive to highlight selection. Double-click will now select all.
- Chat will now automatically close when disconnected from a server.
- Made it so the whitelist command is case insensitive.
- Ballista will lock during interaction
- Ballista aim screen has an interaction
- Melee Combat swings now slow the player down a bit.


- Garbage collection optimizations.
- Fixed object pooling. Added pooling to furniture, lights, and some additional items

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some saving issues when the server is shut down.
- Fixed some dead sleepers not being saved when the server restarts.
- Fixed camera bug in third person where the camera will jarringly move forward, especially while swinging melee weapons
- Adjusted flame sound loops
- Fixed particles on Holdable Torch going crazy
- Players who have died while asleep are now properly re-loaded on server restart.
- Fixed the fires so they now properly damage players who are on top of them
- Blast decal for trebuchet should be proper
- If using ballista it shouldn't leave you in a camera broken locked state
- Paging will now continue if it encounters an error with one prefab
- Move prefabs to be taken in a conquered crest zone
- Lockpicks will not have two picking bars
- Prefabs cant be placed in conquered crest area
- Fix the campfire disappearing if it is updated and the area is left

Design Changes:

- Renamed a few items: eg. Steel Great Sword --> Steel Greatsword
- Trebuchet Stone is now limited to 15 per stack.
- Stone is now limited to 1000 per stack.
- Small Wall Torch, now Wall Torch.
- Wall Torch, now Small Wall Torch.
- Small Wall Lantern, now Wall Lantern.
- Wall Lantern, now Small Wall Lantern.
- Bear hide, now has a chance to drop from bears.
- Iron Chest, Steel Chest and Wood Chest now have descriptions updated to display proper slot count.
- Stone Blocks, now require 1 Stone Slab, 5 Clay (was 1) to craft.
- Stone Slab now costs 4 charcoal (was 2), 8 water (was 4), 100 Stone (was 60) to craft.
- Siegeworks now costs 400 flax, 1200 Wood (was 850), 100 Iron (was 50) Ingots to craft.
- Trebuchet Stone now costs 1 Stone Slab (was 50 Stone) to craft. Stone Slab has processing time involved.
- Trebuchet now costs 50 flax, 2000 Wood, 50 Iron (was 25) Ingots to craft.
- Iron Wood Cutters Axe, Steel Wood Cutters Axe and Stone Wood Cutters Axe all had their wood resource gathering increased by 2 per hit.
- Crest description will now indicate items health.
- Large Iron Cage now costs 40 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Large Iron Hanging Cage now costs 40 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Small Iron Cage now costs 25 Iron Ingots (was 80) to craft.
- Small Iron Hanging Cage now costs 25 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Steel Cage now costs 30 Steel Ingots (was 95) to craft.
- Candlestand & Chandelier now burns fat for fuel.
- Ground Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 5) and 40 Stone to craft.
- Hanging Lantern now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 9) to craft.
- Hanging Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 9) to craft.
- Holdable Candle now costs 3 Fat (was 5) to craft.
- Holdable Torch now costs 1 Flax (was 3) and 10 Wood to craft.
- Iron Floor Torch now costs 4 Iron Ingots (was 12) to craft.
- Small Wall Lantern now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 7) to craft.
- Small Wall Torch now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 7) to craft.
- Wall Lantern now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Wall Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Standing Iron Torch now costs 4 Iron Ingots (was 12) to craft.

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 10)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: April 2nd, 2015

This update is a bit of a smaller one as it is mainly bug fixes and some design changes. There is also a new small layer of anti-hack prevention, servers can turn it on through their configuration file. Official servers are also being wiped with this release (we recommend community servers to wipe, but it is their choice).

Unfortunately, the major anti-hacking work that is going on at the studio was not ready in time for the weekend. We understand that hacking remains a major issue, and we are working our hardest to help prevent it, it is our top priority.

The integration of EasyAntiCheat is coming very well, our engineers have been working with the EAC engineers to ensure it is integrated correctly. We hope to have it released in the next week or two. As well, we have another major layer of hack prevention coming from our own studio to allign with the release of EAC. We thank everyone for their patience.

As with the last update - Due to the current anti-hacking layers, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

If you got auto-banned and did not try hack - How to verify your game after update (your files need to be verified):

New Additions:

- New overworld song


- Ballista interaction is toggleable
- Can fire ballista in zoom mode with the E key
- Default guild name now includes players name

Bug Fixes:

- Minor GUI performance improvements.
- Whitelist now gets the current name of each known player on reload.
- Whitelist notes are now properly updated when a player is re-assigned to the list.
- The Ancient Crown can no longer be duplicated by dropping it from its armor slot.
- Chat flooding now silences a player for a few seconds.
- Improved the applying of character data to remove color flashing when you update your character, loadyour character, respawn, or equip armor.
- Fixed Torches breaking when extinguished by water
- Several sound tweaks and fixes
- Character voice should load more reliably
- Guild Banner should update more reliably
- Animation Gestures while holding a bow should work properly
- All songs have a more normalized volume level
- Kings Chests arent floating anymore
- Can more easily hit resource nodes
- Can't build directly around resource nodes
- Crests should recover properly from server restarts
- Made third person on bows shoot closer to the crosshair
- Weapons will collide with a wall when you swing while pressed up against one, rather than harmlessly passing through it

Design Changes:

- Sod blocks now take 5 dirt to craft (was 10).
- Thatch blocks now take 5 sticks to craft (was 10).
- Clay blocks now take 10 clay to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP).
- Stick blocks now take 10 sticks to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP).
- Wood blocks now take 30 wood to craft (was 40).
- Log blocks now take 70 wood to craft (was 80).
- Cobble stone blocks now take 30 stone to craft (was 35).
- Stone slab now requires 2 charcoal (was 1), 4 water and 60 stone (was 50) to craft.
- Ballista now requires 25 flax (was 30) 10 iron ingots (was 500) and 500 wood to craft (was 5).
- Batch of ten ballista bolts now requires 25 flax (was 80), 200 wood and 2 iron ingots (was steel ingots) to craft.
- Trebuchet now requires 50 flax (was 100), 2000 wood (was 1200) and 25 iron ingots to craft.
- Trebuchet stone now requires 50 stone (was 150) to craft.
- Iron bar windows now cost 2 iron ingots (was 4) to craft.
- Stone slit window now cost 1 clay and 1 stone slab to craft (was 20 stone).
- Wood shutters now cost 30 wood (was 10) to craft.
- Nourishment update, the amount that hydration drops when moving has been reduced significantly.
- Bent Horn now requires 10 bone and 5 iron (was 1) to craft.
- Guillotine now requires 250 wood and 4 steel ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Large iron hanging cage now requires 90 iron ingots (was 100) to craft.
- Steel cage now requires 95 steel ingots (was 120 iron ingots) to craft.

Thanks for playing, - The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 9)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: March 30th, 2015

  • Does not require servers to wipe

The game received a small update. Servers do not need to be wiped for this update, however, be sure to update your community servers so everyone can connect to them. This should help keep your lobby lists functioning with an previous copy incase the live lobby server is swamped. A good portion of the team was attending to the lobby server during the DDoS attacks, another portion of the team is attending to the Easy Anti-Cheat integration, so this update isn't very big or exciting.


- Clients will now save a copy of their last successful lobby query. When a query fails, this copy is loaded for reference.
- The lobby will now allow you to connect to other game versions, however the server will still deny the wrong version. (See above)
- Sorting the lobby by player count now favours online players over capacity.
- Console messages are now limited to 128 characters.
- Symbols have been removed from chat. Colours, bold, underline, etc...

Design Changes:

- Wood blocks now 40 wood instead of 50.
- Log blocks now 80 wood instead of 100.


- Flask no longer tethered to left hand after gathering water
- Its no longer possible to capture throne after dying next to throne while still in a capture pop up menu

Thanks for playing, The Code}{atch Team

RoK Update (Alpha 8)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: March 29th, 2015

The update to Alpha 8 has been released. The server saves had to be wiped with this update. The community servers should also wipe saves.

This update changes many of the backend systems and offers our first layer of hack prevention, and major server performance updates. Due to this, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

How to verify your game after update (if you feel you have modified your files):

We do not feel that this update will solve all hacking, but it is a step forward, and working on hack prevention remains our top priority for the near future. Our team is also starting the integration of VAC and EasyAntiCheat. We will keep everyone updated when those solutions are ready, as we expect them to unroll in future updates over the next 1-3 weeks.

Due to the entire team mainly working on hack prevention, admin/server commands, performance, and fixes, there was only very small amounts of new content.

New Content:

- Added Djembe Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch
- Added War Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch

New Features:

- The All Servers lobby tab has been replaced by Favourite and Visited server tabs.
- Lobby columns can be sorted alphabetically.
- Lobby items can be right-clicked to favourite.
- Players can now search for visited and favourite servers.

- Made it so the Auto-Restart script says Restarting... instead of shutdown.
- Server bans now save even after server restarts. Admins may also ban offline players.
- Added admin command /shownametags
- Added admin commands to tp users to other users and tp users to yourself.
- Added a setting in the config file to disable admin commands on a server (it is on by default)

- Added a /whitelist command to block anonymous player connections while enabled.
/whitelist - Will show all whitelisted players.
/whitelist enable - Will enable the whitelist.
/whitelist disable - Will disable the whitelist.
/whitelist add [id] - Will add a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist addbyname [name] - Will add a player by name (this must resolve an ID).
/whitelist remove [id] - Will remove a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist removebyname [name] - Will remove a player by name (this must resolve an ID).

- To help admins banning players with unusual names we added a small player list button at the bottom left of the screen while typing into the chat console. Clicking on the player list button will show all the players currently online, and clicking on a name will insert that name into your current chat input. With this, admins can ban a player as easy as typing in "/ban " into the console, selecting the player you want to ban from the player list button, and hitting enter to complete the command. Remember that copy, paste, and highlighting the console is all possible too, just like notepad.

- Added a setting in the config file to enable/disable auto-banning of suspected hackers (it is off by default, configure with caution): To properly ensure that the AutoBan feature is enabled and working properly, you can first set useAuthAutoBan = 'True' in the ServerSettings.cfg. Once this is set, the server will compare its own steam and game DLL files with the clients dll files. If any of these files aren't exactly the same as the client's, the server will ban that client. Because of this you need to make extra sure that your steam dlls are updated to be the same as the clients, and have no extra or modified DLLs in your ROK_data/Managed folder. If your clients get banned from you server with "Detected DLL Mismatch", rechecking the similarity of your client / server dlls should be the first course of action. If you accidentally configured this on your server, as an admin, you can unban someone in-game by typing in "unban player_name_here" (Where player_name_here is the name of the player you want to unban). Alternatively you can remove the entry including their name in the BannedPlayers.cfg configuration file (found under your Configuration folder), which will allow the banned player to rejoin once the server has restarted.


- Change offsets on projectiles to hopefully make less floating action
- Removed a bug where trebuchet stones would be spawned on newly logging clients
- Fixed door desyncing
- Fix a bug in security which could have broke some ownership
- Made it so blocks can be placed behind crests
- Crest lights turn on in conquered zones
- Players who are forcefully removed from the throne while usurping will now properly release it.
- Starvation and dehydration has been re-balanced.
- Double-clicking items into fires should more intelligently choose between the fuel or input container.
- Enabled console backgrounds will no longer show while idle.
- Player voice chat (VOIP) will no longer be set to 0 volume on login.
- Improved animations
- Improved syncing interpolation
- Smoother movement, looking, less likely to push players when things get laggy

Design Changes:

- All block building materials had their required resources to craft increased.
- Increase the cost of Trebuchet, ballista and trebuchet stone’s
- Animals are no longer placeable through blueprints by admins (Temporary)
- Melee weapons no longer damage tier 5/6/7 ramps and stairs
- Stiff Bed is slightly smaller

Optimizations & Performance:

- Major Serverside framerate optimizations
- Block loading is faster
- Block loading has less memory garbage
- Lowered the amount of colliders on the server for various items
- Make progressive loading of pages demand less performance to not clog the server up so much
- Removed flying creatures from spawn as we further diagnose server performance (Temporary)
- Fixed a bug that caused huge clientside frame rate drops when looking at interactables in certain situations
- Minor garbage collection reduction

RoK Update (Alpha 7)[edit | edit source]

Date Released: March 28th, 2015

This update was removed just a few moments after it was unintentionally uploaded after the dev team realized they'd forgotten something to include in the upload. This skips the version to Alpha 8.

RoK Update (Alpha 6)[edit | edit source]

This update is focused on optimization and performance. Due to this, there wasn't much time for new content, so the only new craftable is a flute. Unfortunately, saves will have to be wiped with this update. We'd recommend community servers to wipe their saves as well.

New Additions:

  • Flute (Craft at workbench. Play by holding down left mouse, Right mouse sustains, Scroll Wheel changes key-scale)
  • More graphics options for low end computers (Turn off God Rays, Can Reduce Terrain Shading)
  • Added auto-restart ability for dedicated servers. (Disabled by default for Community Servers. Configurable.)
  • Added a new '/report [name]' command to collectively point the finger at hackers / cheaters.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Temporarily disabled explosive kegs while we diagnose exploits and work to fix them.
  • Temporarily disabled the ability to capture sleepers, as clients would freeze for 5-10 seconds when someone captured a sleeper in far the distance. Will work towards a proper fix for this next week. Capturing in-game players is functional and works as normal.
  • Players should no longer be able interact with objects through walls, be it by attacks, emotes, or other manners.
  • Players can no longer equip the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword when they are not king
  • Made it so you can no longer add invalid characters into your character names. This broke saving for anyone who had a name with certain characters in their player name.
  • Players can no longer double-click the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword into containers.
  • Lobby no longer 'freezes' while processing the received list.


  • Networking, Memory, and Performance Optimizations
  • Tree stability and memory optimizations

RoK Update (Alpha 5)[edit | edit source]

The new update has been released. Unfortunately, saves are being wiped with this update. The update focuses mainly on performance and optimization. The team is hard at work on these issues, and will be focusing on them primarily over the next couple weeks.

Design Changes:

  • Animals now drop more leather
  • Flax respawn rate doubled
  • Wood, Log, and Cobblestone blocks now more expensive.
  • Players will now take starvation damage and regenerate health less frequently, but at the same overall speed.
  • Log blocks have increased hitpoints (4000)
  • Sticks have reduced hitpoints (750)
  • Can craft stone sword without work bench
  • Banner flax costs have been reduced


  • Optimization and stability fixes for shrubbery and blocks
  • Trebuchet and Ballista optimization changes (fixed slowdown on maps containing many of these)
  • Networking improvements
  • Audio priority modifications
  • Ropes harder to accidentally release someone, should be more stable

RoK Update (Alpha 4)[edit | edit source]

The team has been working very hard to bring another update just in time for the weekend. Please update your game on Steam, the servers are updated.

New Additions:

  • Added Whip to game, punish thy offenders!
  • Added Long Horn to game, announce your guilds presence

Balancing Changes:

  • When consuming Bandages/Food you can only walk, not run
  • Lobby password fields now use hidden characters.
  • Small improvement on Guild Screen to help people find invite notification better
  • Players can capture still or slow moving characters much faster
  • Players will die a bit faster from thirst and starvation

Fixes & Optimizations:

  • Fixed issue with ragdolls where the hips would get horribly misaligned
  • Performance Improvement: Humans and Animals disable at a long distance
  • Blood effects are pooled to decrease sprite counts and increase performance
  • Server Stability Improvement

Unfortunately, due to a mistake uploading "Alpha 3", some players may have lost their inventories, the chests & buildings should be fine. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Thanks for your patience and support.

RoK Update (Alpha 3)[edit | edit source]

New Additions:

  • Added Whip to game, punish thy offenders!
  • Added Long Horn to game, announce your guilds presence

Balancing Changes:

  • When consuming Bandages/Food you can only walk, not run
  • Lobby password fields now use hidden characters.
  • Small improvement on Guild Screen to help people find invite notification better
  • Players can capture still or slow moving characters much faster

Fixes & Optimizations:

  • Fixed issue with ragdolls where the hips would get horribly misaligned
  • Performance Improvement: Humans and Animals disable at a long distance
  • Blood effects are pooled to decrease sprite counts and increase performance
  • Server Stability Improvement

RoK Update (Alpha 2)[edit | edit source]

Fixes & Optimizations:

  • General Optimizations
  • Server Optimizations
  • Added a popup that shows when steam is not found alongside error codes for crash or shutdown at main menu.
  • Armor worn on death will no longer show over naked parts to newly connected players.
  • Lobby menu will now enable erroneously disabled buttons when opened.
  • Lobby menu now properly records visited servers. This is represented by a 'Home" icon in the list.
  • Lobby menu now highlights the previously-joined server with a green line.
  • Removed default gamepad controls from input menu - these were incomplete and caused control issues.
  • Guild crest names will now update properly